10 Recommended Paid Services for WordPress Blogs
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 21, 2013
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10 Recommended Paid Services for WordPress Blogs

WordPress is free, but if you want to get the most out of your CMS for inbound marketing, here are 10 recommended paid services that you should look into.

Key Highlights

[00:55] Paid Services for WordPress

[02:02] 10 Paid Services That I Think You Should Be Investing

[03:38] Genesis

[04:37] Web Hosting: WP Engine

[08:42] wpsitecare.com

[10:24] Security Plugin

[11:07] Landing Page Plugin

[13:33] Stock Images Site

[14:35] Contact Form Plugin

[15:38] Magic Action Box Pro

Notable Quotes

  • So a backup service is something you should also consider. But considering the WP Engine included as part of the web hosting, well, it just makes a lot of sense to go with them. And it's not just that I've had security issues like many other sites do.
  • And that's the advantage of going with a company that is dedicated to WordPress, in fact, automatic, you know, the organization that is responsible for maintaining WordPress, outside of the open source they have invested in WP Engine.
  • So really, really great and technology that you should really consider paying for if you don't have a great landing page technology.
  • So these people can immediately be added into your marketing automation funnel, great technology, Gravity Forms something that you should definitely look into having for your own website.
  • On a similar note, I'm gonna the last three services, I'm going to talk about our actual, you know, pure marketing pure sort of call to action, how do we send out a call to action somewhere in our blog, that's going to get people's attention, that's going to focus them to go into a landing page or click for some sort of action for some sort of objective.
  •  So you want to experiment, put it up for one day, leave it off the other day and you know see what the difference is.
  • But I hope by showing you what is possible for paying either a monthly or a one time fee. And the fees don't have to be a lot of money. You can easily and efficiently and I believe inexpensively run a very, very high grade always up to date, efficient and efficient from a code perspective as well as a marketing perspective website. 
  • You know, the more you rely on inbound marketing, for generating leads, the more you need to invest in your website, because that's really going to be and your social media, obviously.
  • But the website becomes your key marketing infrastructure. 

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