Top 5 B2B Content Marketing-Aligned Lead Generation Strategies [Jeff Baker Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 28, 2022
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Top 5 B2B Content Marketing-Aligned Lead Generation Strategies [Jeff Baker Interview]

Content Marketing. Blogging. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Email Marketing. How do these all fit together seamlessly and strategically to help generate new leads and business?

This is the broad topic that I speak with Jeff Baker, CMO of the leading content marketing agency Brafton, about.

By the end of this conversation you will:

  • Understand B2B leads: from the buyer persona to the user intent.
  • Learn how to create a cohesive content marketing strategy that drives leads.
  • Learn the differences amongst the top 5 strategies: Lead magnet, Free tools, Original research, Case studies, Newsletter.

Key Highlights

[01:37] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Jeff Baker

[02:43] Jeff's Journey to Digital Marketing

[05:32] What is SEO?

[09:30] Should I Create Content Using AI?

[15:10] Looking At Search Intent and Buyer Persona

[19:13] The Importance of Adding Value to Your Audience

[19:35] Why Blogs Exist?

[20:07] Selling by Teaching

[22:51] What is a Lead Magnet?

[23:00] Five Strategies to Lead Magnet

[27:02] One of the Best Lead Magnets

[28:55] Tool that Jeff Recommends for Lead Magnets

[31:01] Creating Original Research

[35:57] Writing Case Studies

[39:02] How to be Successful on Newsletter

[45:25] Connect with Jeff

Notable Quotes

  • The new SEO strategist is going to be a content strategist. 
  • The soul and really caring about the topic, and showing the unique perspective is what really is going to differentiate that content and which is going to help not just in search engine rankings, but generate leads as well.
  • Most of the time, when I see people getting this wrong with lead generation, it's they're mismatching the intent of their users with the goal that they're trying to accomplish.
  • So for me, my best recommendation is to follow the intent all the way through to the end. So understand that my intent for this particular topic, this search is information, I'm just looking to learn and don't break that pathway and offer me something that adds value to my current mindset.
  • When creating the strategy, the informational, and just understanding those intersection points, and really trying to knowing that some of that content is going to more directly generate the leads, and the remainder is really going to indirectly.
  • Same point with the lead magnets. It doesn't need to be an earth shattering, lead magnet or tool that nobody's created, or nobody's ever thought about. It just needs to add some value, you know. And the good point is that, we always assume we need to provide a lot more than the user does.
  • Start with the assumption that nobody wants to read it. And what that's going to do is it's going to force you to create something way out of the box with your subject line and with the content that you put in there.

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