The Secret to Getting Content Featured into LinkedIn Pulse
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 03, 2014
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The Secret to Getting Content Featured into LinkedIn Pulse

Neal takes a deep dive into LinkedIn Pulse and reveals a "hidden" back door to help you get your content featured into LinkedIn Pulse.

Key Highlights

[01:33] One of the Things I Am Writing About in the Ebook

[02:09] Why Would You Want to Syndicate Your Blog Posts Within LinkedIn

[02:42] What is LinkedIn Pulse?

[03:43] How LinkedIn Pulse Works

[05:00] How to Get Your Content to Be Seen By More People

[07:21] Have Connections

[07:41] Why You Should Never Buy Fake Followers

[08:57] Discover Tab

[10:21] Channels Feature

[10:41] Publishers Feature

[11:45] My AHA Moment

Notable Quotes

  • LinkedIn is huge. One of the top 10 visited websites in the United States, sure, we'd all love to have guest blog posts on Forbes, but LinkedIn actually gets more traffic than Forbes, believe it or not. So it is a very, very lucrative and attractive demographic. And therefore if we are creating content for ourselves, our personal brands or for our businesses, it makes sense that we would want to publish on LinkedIn now what you publish on LinkedIn, obviously, you want it to be more appropriate for the demographic there.
  • So you start to get a picture that not only is this a huge audience to serve both polls users on LinkedIn users, but also it's an audience, at least those 30 million people are actively consuming content. And this is where you start seeing why some people get published posts on LinkedIn that gets, you know, hundreds of 1000s of views literally. 
  • So that is something that obviously if you're sharing on LinkedIn, you want to reach out to people, you want to let them know about your posts. You want to write content, that when your connections who automatically become your followers see it, they want to engage with you. 
  • The more connections you have, in general, the more people it's going to be exposed to, although that's not necessarily the case. But it gives you a better chance of getting exposed to more people. But if you've bought fake LinkedIn connections, or you just you know, have fake people that are connected with you, that doesn't do any good either, because they're not going to engage with your content, very similar to why you shouldn't buy fake Facebook fans, and you shouldn't buy fake Twitter followers.
  • But polls being such a huge asset, you want to get more and more LinkedIn company page followers if your business because the more followers you have, the higher you're gonna show up here in the recommended companies to follow.
  • So hopefully the light bulb goes on, we need to be focusing more on a LinkedIn company page, we need to attract a bigger following. Because all that is going to add to our company page being more and more recommendable in LinkedIn Pulse in our content from our company page being exposed more and more impulse, as more and more people subscribe to it.
  • It's social media I find fascinating because all these social networks have their own little algorithms. And when you piece things together, it really is pretty incredible. And you sort of get a competitive advantage because I don't think a lot of people understand this right now. 

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