The ONE and ONLY Tool You Need for One Popular Social Media Platform is __________? [Melissa Megginson Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 04, 2021
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The ONE and ONLY Tool You Need for One Popular Social Media Platform is __________? [Melissa Megginson Interview]

In all of the social media platforms that exists and the various marketing tools that businesses can use to support your presence there, there is one social network for which there is one tool that rules them all.

That social network is Pinterest, and the dominating tool is Tailwind.

Learn from Senior Community Manager of Tailwind, Melissa Megginson all about their tool and comprehensive best practices not just for Pinterest, but also for Instagram and Facebook, which Tailwind supports.

Key Highlights

[04:09] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Melissa Megginson

[06:14] What is Tailwind and How Melissa Started

[08:39] Pinterest's Evolution

[11:28] What Type of Pins Should I Be Posting?

[15:30] Melissa's Advice When Creating Idea Pins

[17:37] Best Format and Practices for Video Pins

[18:03] Does Repurposing from Other Platforms Work?

[21:51] What is Tailwind Create?

[24:38] Tailwind Communities

[29:53] Best Practices and Recommendations for Pinterest Ads

[31:52] How to Do Keyword Research on Pinterest

[33:24] What Makes Tailwind Different from Other Platforms?

[36:48] How Should I Approach Instagram Through Tailwind?

[39:30] Melissa's Advice on Facebook Marketing Strategy

[43:38] Final Advice

[44:31] Connect with Melissa and Tailwind Team

[45:05] Summary

[47:17] Outro

Notable Quotes

  • I would definitely think about it as a way to reach a broader audience. So, you don't want to be giving away everything that you have on your website and an idea pen because you still want to drive people to your website.
  • It's just super simple to get that really top of funnel, introduce yourself to the Pinterest audience to new potential buyers and pull them in so that once they're following you, you can hit them with those video pins that people can click through on or the static pins that people can click through on.
  • So, building up your, your website, your email list, all of that is really important, but you need people to land there first.
  • Start with the organic content that's performing for you. I think that's a really good way to just sort of juice what's already happening and getting bad content that's already performing well in front of the right people. 
  • In social media marketing in general, we talked about the need to be consistent. 
  • I think when creating any kind of social media posts, you need to think about the story that you're telling rather than the individual posts that you're creating.
  • Use the platforms. Don't just go in as a marketer. Use the platforms yourself. Get to know them, get to know what you like, get to know what is performing well, and you'll do a lot better as a mark Get her.

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