The Number ONE Thing You Can Do to Create IMPACTFUL Content for Digital and Social Media Marketing
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 14, 2022
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The Number ONE Thing You Can Do to Create IMPACTFUL Content for Digital and Social Media Marketing

Content creators are able to generate engagement and influence because they are not always using their content to promote a product or service, but they are using their content to connect with their community and provide value.

Just as businesses are at a disadvantage in social media, with the growth of the creator economy, I would argue that the tables are turning against businesses in all of digital media.

I want to share with you what I have learned over the last two years of post-COVID digital marketing and why the creator economy will continue to eat into the mindshare that businesses have had in digital marketing.

Once you understand this, even if you are a business there is still a way to gain mindshare and compete with content creators.

The secret is the one thing that this episode is all about, and you'll have to listen in to find out what it is and the various examples I use to help you see the light!

Key Highlights

[01:26] Why I Keep Going

[03:03] My Library of Content Around Influencer Marketing

[03:51] Content Marketing 101

[05:00] Who Are We Creating Content For?

[06:07] My Blogging and Author Journey

[06:57] Revising My LinkedIn For Business Ebook

[08:17] Why I Select My Podcast Guest Carefully

[10:32] Be Part Of The Process

[11:09] Why You Should Not Outsource Critical Tasks To Your Brand

[11:36] What Drives Me?

[13:18] See Whatever You Do In Digital Social Differently

[16:01] Why Email Is Still The Best Way To Engage With People

[18:26] Infuse Concept Of Caring For Other Others In Your Content

Notable Quotes

  • I always say content is the currency of digital media content is the currency of social media.
  • But the important thing is, when we're creating this content, is it all about us? Or is it all about them? Are we creating it to have a one sided transaction so that we are the ones profiting? Or do we truly care about that other person?
  • But the important thing is, I've always wanted to give out my best content, and have always wanted to not hide anything and give what I thought was the best advice, whether or not it made me money. Because I know that this is the information that my community needs.
  • But the central part is I care about I select these people that want to be on my podcast very, very carefully. I am very, very careful as to who I accept, because the whole lens is will this person provide you valuable information?
  • There's nothing wrong with having writers as part of your team. But at the end of the day, you need to be part of that process, you need to be an integral part of that process.
  • What drives me, ladies and gentlemen, is that I want to leave the earth a better place than it was without me. That's what drives me is leaving whatever legacy I can.
  • We all have the ability to influence others through our content. And in doing so, this I believe, as marketers, as entrepreneurs as business owners, this is how we make our own contributions

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