The Importance of Consistency (and How It Relates to Paid Social) in Social Media
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 16, 2014
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The Importance of Consistency (and How It Relates to Paid Social) in Social Media

Building a brand in social does not happen overnight. Learn about just how important consistency in your social media efforts are and how to use paid social to help accelerate it.

 Key Highlights

[01:10] Importance of Consistency in Social Media

[03:33] Other Things You Should Be Consistent About

[04:52] The More Recognition, The More Credibility

[05:35] Accelerating Our Efforts in Social

[06:40] Consistency Supplemented with Paid Social

[06:47] The Wrong Way of Using Paid Social

[07:47] The Best Way to Use Paid Social

[08:27] Success Doesn't Happen Overnight

[09:30] Do Not Buy Fake Followers

Notable Quotes

  • For normal businesses and brands that are not part of you know, the fortune 50 or consumer vocabulary, it takes time. And it not only takes time, but it's consistency. 
  • See public communities have hundreds of millions of users out there. And once you engage in a relationship with them.
  • And if you just sit there and talk to yourself, other people may hear you. But when you actually tap on people's shoulders by following them and sending them a social signal, or maybe favoriting, a tweet that really resonated with your content, strategy, whatever it might be, it's the consistent sending of those things, and engaging, that builds up, others engaging with you over time, and it is what I would consider a tumbleweed effect.
  • Because the bigger that you become others that are looking for sources for content creation, whether it be on Twitter, on Pinterest, or Google Plus, people tend to be attracted or businesses tend to be attracted to those that I refer to as maximize your social are the role models that you want to emulate.
  •  The more that you get recognized, the more credibility you have.
  • But what I'm trying to say is that consistency, supplementing in the right way with paid social can really help you.
  • 0ut because you lose credibility, and you get clicks when you pay for clicks that don't resonate in the likes or follows.
  • And people think more followers equals more social proof.

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