Restarting Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2015
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 24, 2014
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Restarting Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2015

Is your social media strategy stuck in "2011 social media?" Let Neal help guide you through how to re-measure your social media ROI and reallocate your precious resources for your social media program in 2015.

Key Highlights

[02:53] The Market Is Becoming More Fragmented

[03:20] Think ABout Your Social Media On A Channel By Channel Basis

[03:50] Calculate Your ROI From Each Platform

[04:24] Simple Exercise to Calculate Your ROI

[05:57] Start Reaching Out To Other Networks

[07:30] Top 15 Platforms In The United States

Notable Quotes

  • But, you know, I really want you to calculate what is your cost per whatever to acquisition, cost per engagement, cost per new follower, whatever it is, we can calculate a few metrics from our own participation in social media.
  • And that data really should be your data for 2015. And this is what's going to help you get unstuck. Because at the end of the day, your activity on social media channels should almost be like a dashboard, you're going to be raising a lever that, you know, like a mixing board at a recording studio, for lack of a better word.
  • I want you for the first few months of the year to try a new network a month, or reinvest strategically, in an old network a month, whatever it is, you have a large choice in networks. And I want you to think niche.
  • And with those metrics in hand, for your ROI, and by trying out all the different communities that exist in social, hopefully, it's going to help you find a sweeter spot for what you're doing. And you're going to learn a heck of a lot in the process, about your content, about what content is resonating with who and about all these different communities not knowing which is going to be the biggest provider of ROI for your company in 2015.
  • It will be shown more prominently in the feed when you have a photo, visual content is going to be key for your company 2015, to be effective in visual social networks, and to be more effective, and to be heard above the noise in the other social networks that you're in. And there's a lot of different types of visual content you can create. But you need to be thinking visual, and you need to do it now, before everyone else does it. 

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