New Year New Digital Marketing: 10 Things to Invest Your Marketing Budget in in 2022
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 03, 2022
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New Year New Digital Marketing: 10 Things to Invest Your Marketing Budget in in 2022

Welcome to 2022!

After reading all of those blog posts about social media and digital marketing trends for 2022, how are you going to invest your marketing budget this year?

This episode is focused on helping you find ROI from under-invested but important aspects of digital marketing in 2022, especially in consideration of recent trends.

Specifically, these 10 things that I discuss in detail on this podcast are:

  1. Blog Content / SEO
  2. Long-Form Lead Generation Content
  3. Email Marketing / Marketing Automation
  4. Long-Form Video Content
  5. Short-Form Video Content
  6. Influencer Collaborations
  7. Employee Advocacy
  8. Customers and Customer Experience
  9. People
  10. Education

Key Highlights

[02:55] First Thing To Invest Your Marketing Budget In 2022
[04:24] Ways To Be Resourceful On Your Blog
[05:08] Why Search Intent Is Critical
[06:13] Second Thing To Invest To
[07:45] Third Area: Email Marketing/Automation
[09:42] Email Marketing Tools
[10:11] Fourth Things To Invest Your Marketing Budget
[12:10] Should You Invest On Tiktok?
[14:27] The Benefit Of Collaborating With Content Creators
[16:29] Seventh Area: Employee Advocacy
[17:56] Investing On Customer Experience
[19:15] Ninth Item To Invest To
[20:13] Invest In Your Own Education
[21:55] Ways To Recreate Educational Experience
[22:16] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • It's time to regroup, ton to figure out how to best invest I'm all about every year, or even every quarter, sort of pushing that reset button just so that we're always in alignment. And we always understand the value of every dollar or yen or pound or euro, or whatever currency you spend is in your marketing.
  • Be the source of information by offering them something of value. It could be an eBook, a white paper, a webinar, a pre-recorded demo, but exchange that value for a lead, ie giving them some sort of information in a live or recorded format, to help with your demand gen efforts.
  • Make every email a love letter. And if you can have that philosophy with your emails, I do believe over time, they will get open more they will get read more, you'll build a deeper relationship, and it'll lead to more business for you.
  • There is value in influencer collaborations at the least, of learning how to better do this type of content by actually collaborating with influencers, having them do it for you, having them post to their social networks, but also in the contract, make sure you do this, but get access to the content so that you can utilize it for your own social profiles or website or social ads.
  • And through the art of doing this, you are going to have a natural fan base that won't just amplify and support your own content. But they will talk about you naturally, as well.
  • Invest in yourself, to really keep abreast of what is happening out there to understand the leaders in your industry, how they're handling the current environment, how they manage all these different channels, how they create content, whatever it might be. And obviously, that is something that will reap dividends.

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