LinkedIn Publishing Platform Tips: Should I Republish My Blog Content on LinkedIn?
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 09, 2014
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LinkedIn Publishing Platform Tips: Should I Republish My Blog Content on LinkedIn?

Now that you see the value in publishing on LinkedIn, should you simply republish your blog's content on LinkedIn? Or ... ? Neal responds to the question point-blank with advice to help you better understand, leverage, and maximize your LinkedIn content marketing.

Key Highlights

[01:07] Should You Publish the Same Content On LinkedIn As You Do On Your Website?

[02:09] Why Numbers Are Important

[03:23] The Potential of LinkedIn

[04:42] Where Thought Leadership Begins

[06:00] How You Can Replicate Your Content

[07:00] Why Copy-Pasting Is Not A Good Idea

[07:57] The Danger of Publishing Everything On Your Linkedin

[08:30] Customize Your Content for Each Platform!

[10:48] What You Should Be Thinking When Creating Content Marketing on LinkedIn

[11:34] Join My Facebook Group!

Notable Quotes

  • And the numbers are important, because when you do the analysis of blog posts for your own website, how many views are you getting?
  • With LinkedIn, you have a very, very lucrative demographic that may find you as well. It's a demographic of decision makers. It's a very, very well defined demographic versus what you have online, which could be a lot of different things.
  • That's really where thought leadership begins. It begins with people. It's about human interaction.
  • So I think that it's a great strategy, that you create content specific for the LinkedIn audience, on the LinkedIn publishing platform, if you're able to different shape that content with more general content on your blog that is less targeted towards a lucrative demographic of business decision makers and more targeted to a general online audience of those who may find you through search, you can start to see how you can, you know, leverage segmentation of your content, so that you're really you know, publishing the right content for the right platform.
  • I think the danger of publishing everything on your blog, again, on your LinkedIn profiles, you could actually be losing traffic to your LinkedIn profile, we all know the conversion is going to happen on your website, not your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn profile should be an additional and augmentive channel for your content marketing for your social media marketing.
  • And I don't think that content is as easy it just slicing and dicing it, you really need to customize it for each platform. And there are areas in which you may need to create unique things for each platform.
  • With the LinkedIn Pulse publishing platform, I think it is a similar approach of creating unique content for that community, which showcases the thought leadership of your company through your employees, and making it very specific to the community there.
  • So when you think of content marketing on LinkedIn, think LinkedIn Pulse, and think employee advocacy. Instead of thinking, should I just copy my blog posts and put them on LinkedIn, we should be approaching that in a different way, and asking different questions to get to the best way of leveraging LinkedIn, for your social media marketing. 

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