Keyword Research: The Key to Understanding SEO for Your Business [Hilary Angrove Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJuly 14, 2022
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Keyword Research: The Key to Understanding SEO for Your Business [Hilary Angrove Interview]

Search engine optimization is still a golden opportunity for most companies, but many are still making the same mistake of ignoring a critical piece of the puzzle: Keyword research.

In this episode, we are going to go deep on SEO - and keyword research - with special guest Hilary Angrove, Director of Growth and Operations at Make Your Mark Today. She will help us all understand:

  1. The intent of the search determines how you should rank for the keyword. 'Money' keywords are terms your audience is actually using (not necessarily industry words) with high volume and high intent
  2. Do not start a blog if you find money keywords - > make evergreen pages
  3. If you don't have money keywords --> you may want to start a blog or you may to put your resources into other forms of marketing and not SEO

I think you will enjoy this holistic view on SEO as much as I did!

Key Highlights

[01:23] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Hilary Angrove

[03:42] Hilary's Journey to Digital Marketing

[09:48] Keyword Research As An SEO Pillar

[12:05] Search Intent

[12:54] Warming Up the Buying Journey

[17:58] How Hilary Determine Keyword Difficulty

[20:30] Things to Consider in Keyword Research and Intent

[28:47] Non-Seo Form of Marketing You Can Invest To

Notable Quotes 

  • What I loved about SEO was just the analytical part of it. And it is a puzzle, the whole thing is a puzzle. And if you can figure out that puzzle, then you can make your client a lot of money, which is great.
  • Google is the judge. But you also got to stay true to yourself. And that is, don't do everything for the judge. They'll see through it, you got to be true to yourself.
  • SEO just mimics real life, your website, your web pages, they're your storefront. And so you just need to operate your store in a way that's like clean, organized, informational, useful, and people are gonna love it.
  • So first thing that I do whenever I'm working with a client, is I build a customer persona. So who is their ideal client, whether that be and you want to look at who's the current client, I mean, a lot of people have already done this for all types of marketing.
  • Go deep on that keyword research, and really look at that intent.
  • You really want to bring it as close to your it's a keyword that matters to you. It's a money keyword, you want it to be as close to your homepage as possible, because you're essentially flagging to Google, hey, this is super important. 

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