How to Take Your Employee Advocacy to the Next Level: An Interview with GaggleAMP
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 15, 2014
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How to Take Your Employee Advocacy to the Next Level: An Interview with GaggleAMP

Neal interviews Glenn Gaudet, CEO and founder of GaggleAMP, and talks about the history of employee advocacy and the challenges that face companies that try to launch such a program internally.

Key Highlights

[00:51] The Primary Use of GaggleAmp

[01:32] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Glenn Gaudet

[02:42] How Glenn Got the Idea of the GaggleAmp
Notable Quotes

[06:52] How the Market Evolved

[07:47] What Lacks in Understand Social Media

[08:19] Why You Need to Understand the Value of Social Media

[10:38] The Trap into Employee Advocacy

[12:54] Free Trial

[13:34] The Power of Feedback

[14:26] Why Companies Sometimes Get Disappointed in Employee Advocacy

[19:59] How GaggleAmp Works

[20:43] Connect with Glenn

Notable Quotes

  • And then from that was really the idea of having a platform that was designed to do this in a way that it was super easy for the employee to share the content, yet maintain their privacy, and provide rich tracking information for the company and to balance all those different pieces.
  • And what was lacking in that was the understanding of how social media fits into the broader marketing mix. And now what we're seeing is we're seeing social media professionals who truly are coming out of that understanding of the marketing mix, rather than somebody who's just often off on their own doing social media.
  • If you don't understand the value of social media, why would you want to amplify it? Right? Because that's what our platform does. It amplifies what you're already doing. And if you're already doing nothing, you multiply that times zero, you still get nothing.
  • But it really is really does allow companies to scale their amplification, yes, in an organic way, that is just very, very different than anything else out there.
  • They think that all of their employees are going to be social media managers, they're going to have these complex dashboards, and they're going to be figuring out what they're going to say, and, and that's just not the case, the rank and file employee, just want you to make it really super easy for them to either share it or say no thanks.
  • I think that the biggest one that pops up is a certain expectation. And this, this is why we do a free trial, we want you to actually use it. And as part of the free trial, we want you to invite various stakeholders that are employees. 
  • Because your expectations of what they want, are probably going to be different. And so with, by going through the trial, you not only get the results in terms of the amplification, but you're going to get the feedback from those other stakeholder types within your organization.
  • And so when when when marketing expects certain things from other types of employees, they oftentimes get disappointed because they're expecting them to do all this additional work.
  • It's really powerful to understand what these other roles in the organization to, and how really active do they want to be about doing more of the social media marketers job within the organization. 

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