How to Pivot Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 08, 2022
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How to Pivot Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022

With all of the changes that society, technology, and social media undergoes at a frenzied pace, have you taken a step back to analyze your results from the previous year and use that insight to pivot your digital marketing strategy?

This podcast provides you a living example of how I balance my own digital marketing channels, what I learn from the data, and how I plan on applying it to all of my digital marketing this year.

I hope this episode both inspires you and provides you with a concrete example to help you truly Maximize Your Digital (and Social, of course!)

Key Highlights

[02:34] A Little Personal Story

[08:06] How to Pivot Your Digital Marketing Strategy For 2022

[10:04] Looking At The Output in 2021

[11:26] Blogging As Part of R&D

[12:33] My YouTube Output

[13:44] My Podcast Output

[14:52] Rebranding My Podcast

[15:45] My Email Marketing Output

[17:05] The Big Three Areas of Digital Marketing

[17:53] Initial Results for my Blogging

[19:40] Initial Results for my YouTube

[20:07] Initial Results for my Podcast

[21:21] Initial Results for my Email Marketing

[22:26] Conversions On My Website

[25:11] My Fractional CMO Services

[25:34] My Mastermind Community

[26:12] Plans for 2022

[28:15] Outlines

[29:31] Giving Social Media Algorithm What They Want

[30:50] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • But for me, this is the output I needed, I'm not going to go overboard and say I'm going to blog twice a day, I think blogging four times a week, over the course of a year, says that in my library of content, I have 200 pieces of content. And for most companies that that is enough, you don't even need to blog four times a week. That's just me.
  • And you know, the goal for 2022 is to stay consistent.
  • For me, it's really about building that strategy. And making sure that the content has impact. There's a lot of different directions I can go.
  • As I learned early on in my career, part of a strategy is also deciding what not to do. You really need to stay focused.
  • What I want to do this year is really be more strategic, and raise the quality of both my own content, and those guests that I invite to be on the podcast.
  • I like to keep things really, really simple. I like to provide you clarity, but clarity with impact.
  • To me, it's all about conversions. It's all about getting people on my email list, so that I can communicate with them a little bit more frequently, and promote what I'm doing a little bit more frequently as well.
  • And it really mimics the advice that I've been giving you on this podcast is to focus on non-social evergreen content outlets, my blog, my podcast, and YouTube.
  • But it's also about giving social media algorithms what they want, and they want video.

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