How to Leverage Big Data to Optimize Your Social
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 19, 2014
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How to Leverage Big Data to Optimize Your Social

Neal introduces the concept of an anchor network and how to leverage big data through tools that analyze your own social presence to better optimize your social.

Key Highlights

[01:12] Back to School Time!

[01:23] How to Use Big Data to Optimize Your Own Social Media

[02:06] Two Things You Need

[02:20] My Preferred Tools

[03:07] What is Preferred Network

[04:21] Example of What I Do on Twitter

[06:32] What I Do in My Newsletter

Notable Quotes

  • And I think the back to school time is always a great time to look at our options, and really delve into some great books. And, you know, get to the next level wherever we are in our social media. 
  • And one of the keys here is you need to have a tool that allows you to analyze and allows you to compile all of that big data. And I say big data, we're not talking about, you know, terabytes of data here, pulled from the cloud, or, you know, Google servers, we're talking about data that we're accessing, from social media, on how people are engaging with our social media accounts. 
  • But once you have your preferred tool, now you need a preferred network. And what I mean by a preferred network is, if you have one network that you can use as your experimental testbed to try to get ideas as to what sort of content engages your audience, it's going to help you optimize your content across other platforms. 
  • Now, if you have unlimited resources, you obviously want to be optimizing your content according to each platform. Because each community is different. And they will all have different needs, right? 
  • And the more frequent you post, the more the bigger the data set you have to work with, the more you can really see which are the posts that come to the top when it comes to content that gets clicked or liked or commented on.
  • So what I'm trying to do is really put my best foot forward and say, This is the content that my fans, my followers have said, is the most engaging.
  • I think the content and analyzing the content that works, especially if you're curating a lot of content, each piece of content that you curate is not only helping you establish your thought leadership, but it's also testing the waters for content that's people will engage with and will maybe that's content that you should also start creating. 

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