How Email Marketing Generates Sales - Once You Get It [Bobby Klinck Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJune 02, 2022
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How Email Marketing Generates Sales - Once You Get It [Bobby Klinck Interview]

Email marketing has been shown time and time again to have the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel, yet many businesses and entrepreneurs do not prioritize it as much as they should.

And there are those that do email marketing just to go through the motion without doing it in a strategic way and then wondering why there is no ROI or how to measure it.

If you are in either of these boats, you will get A LOT out of this interview with Bobby Klinck, author of Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck, who will school you on everything you wanted to know about email marketing in this episode!

Key Highlights

[02:12] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Bobby Klinck

[05:50] How Bobby Began Using Email Marketing

[11:05] Shifting from Legal Industry to Marketing

[17:13] How Bobby Finds Stories to Tell

[17:58] Why Stories Are Powerful

[22:00] How to Know If the Email is Impacting the Business In A Positive Way?

[29:31] Why Email Is Stil the Best Platform

[33:12] The CATCH Framework

[39:15] Nurturer to Welcome

[40:26] What Made Bobby Decide to Write A Book

[47:37] Final Advice

[51:17] Connect with Bobby

Notable Quotes

  • I think just a lot of stuff is recycled down once a thought becomes mainstream, everybody just sort of clings to it. I think it's always, you know, important that we have fresh ideas.
  • But really, what I tell people is their stories everywhere.
  • The key is to get in the practice of finding them. And you don't start with a story, your email start with what is the message or lesson that I want to get across?
  • For most people, what I suggest is you're going to have a few different themes you're going to use over and over again, in your business and your message, whatever it is that you're talking about. Keep story journals about those things, and you don't write the whole story out.
  • It's hard in this online marketing world where everyone wants quantifiable. Prove to me that this works right now. And this and I'm like, you can't necessarily do that. Because this is true marketing of building brand equity, building that type of thing. So that over time, you will ultimately have a brand where people just buy from you. And that's what you're shooting for.
  • A really great framework to think about the email as an extension of a relationship as if it was in person. It's not an email address. It's an actual person on the other side of the email address. And how would you engage with them if you were in the same room with them?
  • It is the only channel where you can really curate The messages like when it comes time to sell the messages you want people to receive in the particular order you want them to receive.
  • That's what email and marketing are about, establishing that relationship.
  • Understand that when you make the shift and start thinking about marketing the right way, like selling is just natural.

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