ChatGPT, AI and Search Engines: My New Perspective and Advice for You
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 02, 2023
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ChatGPT, AI and Search Engines: My New Perspective and Advice for You

Yes, there is a lot of buzz about ChatGPT, but what exactly does it mean for your business and what should your next steps be? Listen to my perspective and advice, and learn how to apply ChatGPT to your specific business and marketing needs.

Key Highlights

[03:18] Experimenting with Chat GPT

[06:00] Generative Artificial Intelligence Conference

[08:05] How Does Chat GPT Works?

[10:01] The Search Engine Aspect of AI Tools

[11:58] How Far AI Has Come with Brainstorming Ideation

[19:09] AI Tools As The Evolution of Technology

[22:03] Using AI for Research and Content Ideation

[23:50] Where It Gets Tricky

[24:39] Start Experimenting AI Tools Now!

Notable Quotes

  • So open AI is sort of considered the leaders in this technology and chat. GPT is just another iteration, another evolution, the improvement of this technology.
  • The way these AI tools work is you're giving them an input, and it's giving you an output, and the output is defined by information that's available on the internet. 
  • That's why really good content writers, it doesn't matter what content you have them write for you, if they are really good at research. And they get a little experience in your topic in your company and your products and your industry. That content can represent you and your brand.
  • Technology evolves. And this is the evolution of the Internet now that it has become this powerful brain, leveraging artificial intelligence technology, instead of just the information is always there on the internet in an inconvenient way. AI is going to make it extremely convenient to us extremely quick. 
  • But imagine, if you're writing a completely AI generated article, it is only based on what is out there on the internet. So if it's news, and other people have already published news about something, then yes, that actually makes sense. It's gonna save you time. But at the end of the day, why would I want to read the news from CNET, when I can read it from other people that are the source of the news, rather than through an AI bot? 
  • If you're not using it, my recommendation, the takeaway from today is to begin experimenting ASAP.
  • So the message for today is, don't get left behind. Now's the time to really get up to speed. If you have men begin experimenting.

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