This is What AI - Generated Content Sounds Like
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 07, 2022
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This is What AI - Generated Content Sounds Like

We've been hearing for some time that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change not only the way we do business but society as well.

The truth is, marketers have already started to use AI, many time without knowing it. This is because many tools are already including AI algorithms in their analytics, such as the social media analytics tool Social Insider.

Lately there has been a lot of buzz around using AI to actually create content. How far have these platforms come? Listen in as I literally tell you what AI-generated content sounds like so you can come to your own conclusion as to if and how you decide to leverage the technology for yourself.

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Key Highlights

[02:38] What AI Can Do for Us

[02:54] Frase Tool

[03:34] AI Tools for SEO and Content Marketing

[05:06] The Potentials When Leveraging Tools

[05:47] Explain It to a Child Template

[07:26] Content Improver Tool

[10:59] Blog Post Intro Paragraph

[11:53] Copyscape Tool

[12:58] Paragraph Template

[14:40] Choosing Tone of the Voice

[19:36] How to Get Jasper

Notable Quotes

  • What I feel are the most compelling use case scenario for these tools, which are ads, Facebook ad headline, Facebook, ad primary text, you want to have some variations of different ad copy, will, this can actually shoot out a lot of different variations very, very quickly,
  • I recommend and I enjoy the fact that there are multiple outputs for this. But you get a sense that with some correction, we can actually leverage this and it sort of spices up our language.
  • I think the best content is content that triggers on people's emotions, that has your own unique perspective that has more of a human element to it.
  • But anyway, I just wanted to plant a seed in your head that, whether it's email copy, whether it's blog post or ad copy, I don't think that these tools are going to replace human beings. But I do believe that as a helper, to help you do research, help you make sure you're covering your bases in terms of content, because if the AI can find content that they think you should include in your blog post that you're not including, then maybe you don't have all your bases covered, right?
  • I think now is the time to start embracing these tools not to replace human beings. But as helpers, to help you make better content in less time. 
  • And writing is an art. And I would never publish anything without running it by human editors, or my own human eyes and making my own human corrections. But I do believe when you're just your creativity, well is running dry, when you have nothing to say, using one of these tools is going to give you a lot to say.
  • I think if you are a marketer, you owe it to yourself to really try to start leveraging one of these tools.

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