LinkedIn Profile Recommendations for 2023 | How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile | Helpful Tips

LinkedIn Profile Recommendations for 2023 | How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile | Helpful Tips

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This is Episode 239 from my Your Digital Marketing Coach podcast. You can read the show notes here:

In this video, you will learn some great tips to take your profiles to the next level, if you have the time, please watch all the way through so you don’t miss anything. Now is a great time to look over your profile settings, pictures, about/bio section, work history, qualifications and more before the new year. After doing this, you will be starting the new year with a perfect profile. It takes a bit of time but it is best to do the work now and then it is done. You may have to add certain information in the future but that won’t take too long once you have done the bulk edits beforehand.

It's always time to take a fresh new look at our LinkedIn profiles if we want to improve them. And I can think of no better way to do this than through the lens of a high school student.

The other day I was helping my high schooler daughter apply to a summer program, where in addition to her transcript and essays, they asked for her LinkedIn profile URL.

Yes, her LinkedIn profile!!!

For those avid listeners of my Your Digital Marketing podcast (, I also covered a similar topic in episode 139: LinkedIn for Students: What Do I Put in My LinkedIn Profile if I am a College Student?:

If an overwhelming majority of college students, how many high schoolers have a LinkedIn profile in addition to their TikTok, Instagram, and, yes, Snapchat profiles?

VERY few.

So why am I even talking about this on my podcast?

Because if you can picture yourself as a high schooler, who has little to no professional experience, and be able to complete a LinkedIn profile, you will see new ways not only to optimize your own LinkedIn profile, but also your personal branding and content you publish throughout social media.

Don't believe me? Listen in, and then let me know what you think!

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