LinkedIn Profile Recommendations ... for _High School_ Students?!?! (Yes, They Apply to YOU, Too!)
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 15, 2021
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LinkedIn Profile Recommendations ... for _High School_ Students?!?! (Yes, They Apply to YOU, Too!)

The other day I was helping my high schooler daughter apply to a summer program, where in addition to her transcript and essays, they asked for her LinkedIn profile URL.

Yes, her LinkedIn profile!!!

For those avid listeners of my podcast, I also covered a similar topic 2 1/2 years ago in 139: LinkedIn for Students: What Do I Put in My LinkedIn Profile if I am a College Student?

If an overwhelming majority of college students, how many high schoolers have a LinkedIn profile in addition to their TikTok, Instagram, and, yes, Snapchat profiles?

VERY few.

So why am I even talking about this on my podcast?

Because if you can picture yourself as a high schooler, who has little to no professional experience, and be able to complete a LinkedIn profile, you will see new ways not only to optimize your own LinkedIn profile, but also your personal branding and content you publish throughout social media.

Don't believe me? Listen in, and then let me know what you think!

By the way, the free ebook I mention in this episode can be downloaded here: Maximizing LinkedIn for Business

Key Highlights 

[02:47] The Notion of LinkedIn Profile for Students

[06:21] Which Social Network You Should Nail?

[07:31] Strategic Value of Having a LinkedIn Profile

[09:24] What Personal Branding Is About

[10:01] The Common Application

[12:57] Where Does LinkedIn Profile Start?

[14:34] What Do I Need For A Background Photo?

[16:35] The Professional Headline

[17:27] Items You Need To Add To Your Summary or Headline

[18:48] What Is The Feature Section?

[19:54] How to Rock About Section?

[21:36] What Can You Put In Experience Section?

Notable Quotes

  • Yes, we brand ourselves through our content. But if there's any social network, where our bio is deep, and people will go through it, looking and readiness, and for whatever reason, whether they want to do business with us, whether they want to hire us whatever it is, or in this case, whether they want to consider you as an applicant to their university, they are looking at your LinkedIn profile.
  • If there's any profile on any social network you really got to nail, it is LinkedIn.
  • And I think the big thing here is if you want to brand yourself, and differentiate yourself, and create those emotional attachments, and really showcase who you are as a person, it's really going to come down to those activities.
  • It really begins with that top visual headline, right? When I talk about personal branding, we need to get more and more visual.
  • I think this is really where we look into those strengths that you have, what are those things that you want people to come to your profile to remember about you. And that's what we have here.
  • I highly recommend that you do add this sort of imagery, it could be an image, it could be a video, but it should be something like an award, something that celebrates something that you've done.

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