Why Your Business Needs to be More Human Than Ever During the Coronavirus Pandemic [Mark Schaefer Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 09, 2020
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Why Your Business Needs to be More Human Than Ever During the Coronavirus Pandemic [Mark Schaefer Interview]

Today's episode is a special interview I had with a special friend, Mark Schaefer. Mark is one the true few thought leaders in the marketing space, whose most recent book Marketing Rebellion talks about how the most human companies will win in the marketing of tomorrow. While we planned to talk about a lot of issues, as you can imagine the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic weighed over our conversation. However, this current pandemic only served as a poignant reminder for Mark's message, which now has more urgency to it because of the situation we are in today. You can find at Mark at BusinessesGrow and also on social media on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. After listening to the podcast, I do hope you'll reach out to him.

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Stay at home and stay safe everyone!

Key Highlights

[02:32] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Mark Schaefer

[07:26] Pivoting Marketing To Nurture People's Hierarchy Of Needs

[18:34] How Big Companies Have Pivoted Under Circumstances Like Pandemic

[23:06] Now Is The Best Opportunity To Enable Strong Loyaly

[25:25] The Importance Of Paying Attention

[27:08] The Three Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From The Pandemic

[30:22] Connect With Mark

Notable Quotes

  • I think a lot of our messages need to go to the bottom of the pyramid, right, we need to connect with people where they are in this moment, and they're afraid, and they might be panicky, they might have lost a job. They're grieving, they're experiencing loss.
  • One of the lessons that we're learning is, is we always need to be serving and helping and asking those questions. And maybe, for a lot of marketers who have never done that it's going to be I'm not going to say a positive thing, because we're in a crisis. But these are good skills to learn if people haven't done them, and that should remain with them for the rest of their life.
  • And a lot of that goes on with our marketing today, where we say we're being human. But it's a formula, or it's legally approved. There's no compassion. There's no vulnerability, there's no human voice.
  • This is an opportunity to work on your infrastructure and all those things that you've you know, that you've been, you've been, you know, leaving to another time, but it's also an opportunity to help others to help your customers and your partners, get to the other side, that's the goal right now, conserve cash pivot, do what you need to do to be relevant, and fight and get to the other side. Because we will get to the other side, it's going to be different, but you know, it's gonna come back.
  • Life is about choices. What choice are you going to make and with everything you do, you're making a choice. So make the right choices.

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