WHY You Need to and HOW to RESET Your Marketing TODAY [Jay Baer Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 17, 2020
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WHY You Need to and HOW to RESET Your Marketing TODAY [Jay Baer Interview]

The digital first mindset that your business needs to survive today is only part of the story. My special guest for today, the legendary marketing author and speaker Jay Baer, argues that the circumstances that we live in today require every business to function as a startup and create an entirely new relationship with your customers and potential clients.

Listen in as Jay gives some specific advice as to how to do this - hint: "FAQ" is a strategic keyword here - as well as also provides some strategic wisdom around the customer experience marketing gap that he sees and why it is critical to close it to remain relevant today.

Key Highlights

[03:07] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Jay Baer

[05:20] Who Is Jay and His Books

[09:05] Jay's Advice To Other Businesses On Resetting Marketing Strategy

[10:58] The Power of FAQs

[13:41] Jay's Advice on Post-Coronavirus Customer Experience

[17:36] Three Things Customer Care About

[19:16] Why You Need To Be Quick?

[23:40] Making Your FAQ Better

[32:21] Pivot Needs To Be Part of Your Business DNA

[33:58] Connect With Jay

[34:21] Final Advice

Notable Quotes

  • Today, in the strange kind of COVID times, it doesn't really matter whether you've been in business for five years or 25 years or 75 years or 115 years. Every business today has to function essentially like a startup. Because you have to fundamentally rewire the relationships between your business and your customers, and prospective customers. You can't take any customer knowledge for granted. 
  • Customer experience is a term of art that was invented to describe what is in reality, a collection of hundreds of individual intersection points, between any business and any customer. The customer experiences the totality of every decision you make about your business.
  • Whatever the situation might be in your organization, making the relationship between your business and the customers transcend the transaction.
  • Everything about the pandemic sucks. We're all on the same page. But trust me when I tell you, you will never have this opportunity again. So you can either go under a tortoise shell and bemoan the fact that everything sucks, or you can continue to be unhappy about that, but recognize that from a business standpoint, this opportunity is unlikely to reoccur, and you can completely re-engineer your business for the better if you choose to do so.

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