Why Understanding Your Audience's Pain Point is the Secret to Digital Success [Mitchell Levy Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 29, 2020
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Why Understanding Your Audience's Pain Point is the Secret to Digital Success [Mitchell Levy Interview]

Today's special guest is Mitchell Levy, global authority on credibility and the author of the brand new book Credibility Nation. In this episode Mitchell breaks down why understanding your customer's pain point is the key to success in digital and social media, specifically:

  • Why whatever you do in digital and social media, your messaging should be focused on your audience and not yourself
  • How to create an audience-centric mindset
  • How to revise your digital and social media marketing strategy with your audience in mind

Key Highlights

[02:59] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Mitchell Levy

[04:58] Who is Mitchell?

[06:46] Understanding the Area of Audience Pain Point

[10:17] Value Proposition

[11:46] Examples of Brands that Articulates Their CPOP

[15:54] How to Put Your Mission Statement Into Your Branding

[17:22] What is CPOP?

[18:25] The Three-Step Process to CPOP

[22:53] How Mitchell Recommends His Listeners to Foster An Audience Centric Mindset

[26:21] The Process of Creating An Audience-Centric Mindset

[27:56] Mitchell's Recommendation on Revising Your Marketing Strategy to Align to Customer-Centric View

[31:36] How Does the Audience-Centric View Apply to Your Brand's Credibility?

[33:19] The Credibility Nation Book

[36:40] Connect with Mitchell

Notable Quotes

  • Credibility is not a word, it is a way of being. And if you're not credible, you're dubious. And so the question you always want to ask yourself is do people perceive you as credible or dubious credibility.
  • If you can't come across as somebody who wants to serve others, if you can't come across as somebody who truly understands what it is your client base your prospects base is looking for, and it doesn't come across from an authority perspective, somebody else will. 
  • In today's world, so much of our business comes from us from word of mouth marketing. And if somebody your who knows you and remembers your see pop, when they went across one of their friends, they want to be supportive.
  • The process of creating an audience-centric mindset begins with defining that customer point of pain and really continuing to internalize it, share it, optimize it, bounce it off other people.
  • Credibility is being known, being likable, and being trustworthy. And by being known, it's not that I know of you, it's that I know your intent, your commitment, your desire to serve others, your integrity.
  • Position yourself better before the competitors come along and take things away because what they're going to do is they want to hear they actually want to hear from your true clients what their pain point was and what you helped solve.

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