Why the Future of Content Marketing Isn't What You Think [Georgios Chasiotis Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 18, 2021
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Why the Future of Content Marketing Isn't What You Think [Georgios Chasiotis Interview]

A lot of us in digital marketing tend to treat content marketing like a digital machine. Create this content and expect these results. Unfortunately, this leads to creating a lot of very average content that everyone else is publishing on the Internet, adding to the noise and not driving any impactful outcome for your business.

Georgios Chasiotis, Managing Director of the B2B SaaS content marketing agency Minuttia, wants to change that. By looking at the current trends in content marketing based on his expansive client work, he wants to give you his advice on:

  • Why "copycat content" isn't going to get you the results that you need
  • What type of content you need to create based on your company's lifecycle stage
  • Why you need to focus on creating a library instead of a publication and how to do that

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Key Highlights

[01:20] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Georgios Chasiotis
[04:03] When and Why Clients Come to Minuttia?
[06:48] Is Content Marketing Equivalent to Blogging and Blog Content?
[09:09] How to Avoid Copycat Content
[11:03] Things to Consider When Creating Copycat Content
[13:44] Minuttia's Process On Keyword Research
[18:22] Keyword Strategy for Middle Stage Companies
[20:03] How to Build Topical Authority
[23:05] Guidelines on Library Content
[28:42] When to Expect Traffic Results
[32:12] Content Promotion
[33:34] Connect with Georgios
[34:05] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • Don't limit yourself, experiment with different content from us, find the ones that work best for you and for your audience at the same time, and focus on them. 
  • I think that the way keyword research and topic ideation, or the way we described earlier, people are going to open a keyword data provider and they are going to try to find a keyword. I think this is wrong. Because decisions that most companies make are heavily influenced by metrics such as for example, keyword difficulty, okay? But all these metrics have weaknesses, and you cannot allow these metrics to form your decisions.
  • At that early stage, we would advise the company to publish content that demonstrates the value of the product, or we would advise them to look for guest posting opportunities in an effort to leverage the audience of another website, okay, or arrange co-marketing activities are very heavily focused on content.
  • I would say that when you have very strong indications of product-market fit, and you are like, You know what, we are ready to start growing. This is when you can start investing into content marketing, content creation, SEO and so on.
  • The more firsthand experience you have, the more you understand, for instance, the market price, that influences will charge you

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