Why Isn't Your Brand Trying to Become More Influential?
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 26, 2021
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Why Isn't Your Brand Trying to Become More Influential?

Instead of always trying to tap into the influence of others, why isn't your brand trying to take a strategic approach to increase your own digital influence? The benefits of doing so are plentiful, and influencers have already perfected the formula of what you need to do.

So what are you waiting for? Listen to this episode and build your own influence as a company or brand!

Key Highlights

[03:15] Employee Advocacy

[03:56] How Can I Make My Business More Influential?

[04:26] Building Influence

[06:36] Other Approaches Where You Can Yield Influence

[09:30] Things People Look At When Collaborating

[10:43] Why Building A Large Following Is Better Than Small Following?

[11:28] The Funnel of Social Media Relationships

[14:36] How You Can Build Better Influence Than Your Competitor

[15:27] Leveraging Social Platforms

[16:49] Micro-targeting Options

[17:44] The Things You Should Be Looking At When Setting Up Social Media Dashboards

[19:25] Why Do You Need To Delineate Marketing From Your Social Media?

[19:59] Things You Can Do To Get Influencers Work With You

Notable Quotes

  • Building more influence, a lot of it is tapping into other influencers and influencer marketing.
  • If your business wants to become more influential, you need to build your influence on it.
  • It is recommended that you build a larger rather than smaller following.
  • So look around in your industry and look at your competitors, look at their follower count, see where you rank, and consider a paid campaign to get you to rank a little bit better.
  •  What I am talking about is leveraging the micro-targeting capabilities of these paid social platforms to handpick those ideal people that you think if they were exposed to you, they would not only be interested in following you, but they would also be interested in becoming your customer.
  • You got to be like an influence, you got to be tapped in your community, you got to be publishing content there that is truly resourceful, relevant, and you have to be proactively engaging with others
  • Social media is less about your promotion, and more about developing relationships, developing relationships with influencers, among others.
  •  And when you begin to look at your social channels, not as promotion channels, but as channels that truly provide that valuable resourceful content, curating content from others, photos, videos, you know, interactive, engaging content, live streaming, this is the content that people want on social media.
  •  But if you take this approach to use social media as an influencer would, and you take a similar approach, which is we want to build our influence in social media, it's going to make all this other stuff a lot easier to do. 

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