Why Every Entrepreneur Should Publish a Book [Josh Steimle Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 02, 2020
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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Publish a Book [Josh Steimle Interview]

If you want to yield influence in digital and social media you need to become a content creator. Not all content has the same longevity or impact, but if you wanted to make the biggest bang for your buck and create the most impactful content that can help drive your business, a book is the answer. You'll find out why in this interview with published author, speaker, and entrepreneur Josh Steimle who will share with you the why as well as how to get started, how to keep going and not burn out, and how to leverage your book to grow your business.

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Key Highlights

[03:31] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Josh Steimle

[05:06] How Josh Started Marketing and His Writing Career

[07:10] Why Books Are the Best Way to Influence Business Audience and Leaders

[12:00] Getting Access to CMOs

[13:33] The Networking Power in Content Creation Process

[14:34] How Can You Get Started in Writing A Book?

[16:43] How to Find People to Work With Your Book?

[19:41] The Process of Putting Pen to Paper

[20:30] Ways You Can Get Content Out Other Than Writing

[22:06] Should You Hire A Ghostwriter?

[24:51] Josh's Advice on How to Avoid Getting Burned Out Midway Through Writing Process

[29:28] Self Publishing VS Publishers

[34:13] How to Leverage Book to Grow Your Business

[35:07] Ways You Can Market Your Book

[39:55] Connect with Josh

Notable Quotes

  • Social media, it's great. It's got its place. But it's temporary. Whereas a book, it's kind of forever.
  • For those people listening, hopefully, you see the power of having a book and the very even if you don't sell many copies, there's so much value in not only in writing it and what can happen, but in the process itself.
  • The first step is to look at your identity, who you are, what your role is, what you're trying to accomplish and create some sort of vision from that.
  • Getting very clear on what that vision is, and the purpose or the why behind your book is really the first step because that dictates everything that you do after that. 
  • Everybody's got a book in them, but not everybody necessarily should write that book themselves.
  • One of the key tools to combat burnout or writer's block when you're writing a book is to have an outline that you created the beginning a clear outline, Josh Bernoff calls it a fat outline an outline with a lot of detail in it.
  • Having that strong purpose. Having that why is another way to keep from burnout.

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