Why Digital and Experimenting Go Hand in Hand
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 30, 2021
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Why Digital and Experimenting Go Hand in Hand

Digital and social media are the field of dreams for every business. The problem is that you first need a roadmap to get started, but even with that roadmap you will have your successes and failures, new discoveries, and learn a lot both about your target audience as well as your product and branding.

This is why a mindset of never-ending experimentation is critical for success in digital and social media marketing as well as if you have a digital product or service. But its not just experimentation that is important: Equally important is understanding when you need to pivot and then actually making that alignment.

To me digital marketing is art, which is why the creative aspect excites me on a daily basis. I sincerely hope that you find some inspiration in this episode.

Key Highlights

[01:54] How Neal Created His Membership Community
The story of how Neal's membership community started and why it was now called the "mastermind of business leaders".

[05:29] Why I Like Setting Up Quarterly Flags

[06:55] When To Do Reassessment?

[08:57] The Importance of Building Library of Content
What does the library of content do in my business?

[11:53] What Did I Do To Promote My Book?

[13:27] What Do I Need To Do To Start Generating Results?

[14:00] Why You Need To Experiment NOW!

[16:14] The Critical Items On Influencer Marketing

[17:02] Read The Signals And Act On It!
Now that you know how to read the signals, what is the next step? Act on them!

[19:43] Experiment and Get the Data

[21:26] Conclusion

Notable Quotes

  • It's always you're only as good as your current quarter sales, not even your previous quarter sales.
  • When we launch a business, or we're working on behalf of an employer, or an entrepreneur, we want to make an impact. And I do too, in everything that I do. So if I see something not making the impact that I thought it would make, then it's time to reassess.
  • With digital, anything is possible. And you don't know what is possible until you have your tentacles out there.
  • A little tweak is sometimes all you need. with digital to start generating results.
  • But the key thing here is that number one, you got to be experimenting. That's obvious. Number two, you got to be listening for the signals.
  • Digital marketing is more about an analog way of thinking than a digital way of thinking
  • You want to excel in social media marketing, you need to be an active consumer of social media first.
  • Relationships are critical. You know this from those that read the age of influence, and my views on influencer marketing. But it also means to have critical thinking analytical skills, to be able to piece things together for me to go have that aha moment.

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