What You Need to Do Today to be Successful on Instagram [Ace the Gram Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJuly 09, 2020
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What You Need to Do Today to be Successful on Instagram [Ace the Gram Interview]

Instagram has become a critical piece of the puzzle for most businesses because of its popularity and high engagement, but not everybody succeeds on the platform. There's a lot of noise about what you should and shouldn't do on Instagram, and some of that advice is either outdated or might lead your account to getting banned.

Let's change that. From the importance of niche branding on Instagram to the critical role that influencers play on Instagram to the unique way in which you should use Instagram for personal branding, Instagram specialists Viv and Tash from Ace the Gram will teach you a thing or two new about the platform that can help improve your Instagram TODAY!

Key Highlights

[02:11] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Viv Conway, and Tasha Meys
[05:57] How Viv and Tash Help Businesses In Acing Instagram and How They Started
[08:38] The Things Viv and Tash Would Do Differently Today Than They Might Have Done Five/Six Years Ago
[10:57] The Way Viv and Tash See Instagram Algorithm Today
[12:41] The Role of Interests in Algorithm
[16:42] Instagram As Personal Magazine and Business
[19:14] The Top 3 Things People Should Focus Efforts On
[21:40] When Do Brands Should Start Using Instagram Influencers?
[22:30] Discoverability Technique
[28:33] The Power of Personal Branding
[29:12] The Mistake Personal Brands Makes
[30:21] How To Get Started In Instagram Marketing?
[32:10] Types of Content You Can Easily Implement
[34:12] The Challenge People Have With Instagram
[37:01] Final Thoughts
[39:41] Connect With Viv and Tasha

Notable Quotes

  • The algorithm Instagram has now is value-based. Instagram does have niches that it puts you into. So the more that you can nail your niche and be really specific and provide value to a specific audience, the more Instagram is going to know who you are, who you want to be shown to. And they'll do that for you. So you do have to be more niche these days.
  • Your niche doesn't have to just be food or fitness, it can be the location you live in, what your target audience is interested in. So you don't have to laser focus on yoga, but you can figure out your niche.
  • I think the first thing is obviously designing your intention. So why you're on Instagram, what you want to get out of it, and then your content strategy will come from that.
  • Anyone who invests and the personal brand and whatever kick career they earn you become a hidden shoulder above the rest of your industry. And just because you are investing in there and getting your own audience and you do then become you get that freedom and flexibility and autonomy to be in charge of your own career.
  • But at the end of the day, like, if you just remember, okay, why am I here? And what do I want to achieve? And then just take action, because action trumps everything.

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