What the Heck is Empire Avenue?

What the Heck is Empire Avenue?

A look at Empire Avenue from a social media marketing perspective. Does it make sense for your brand to have a presence there?

Key Highlights

[00:46] What Is Empire Avenue?

[01:50] Why Empire Avenue Should Matter

[02:59] An Example of Why Empire Avenue Is Interesting for Social Media Marketers

[04:07] Is Your Target Audience on Empire Avenue?

[04:51] Creating Missions

[06:35] My Empire Avenue Ticker

Notable Quotes

  • Compared to the 10s, or 20s, or hundreds of millions of users that other social networks have it's small, however, because it's based on social media activity, and it's really the only game out there based on social media, if you think about it, and therefore it attracts a lot of very, very active social media users. 
  • Empire Avenue is interesting for social media marketers, and that it gives you a chance to engage with people in a very, very different way than you can on other platforms.
  • With Empire Avenue, if the person you want to engage with is a daily Empire Avenue user, it's guaranteed that that person is checking in every day. And in fact, compared to a Twitter or Facebook or Google Plus, or maybe comparable to a Facebook or Google Plus, they are checking in on a daily basis, often religiously, and I know from my own experience, and from others that I know that are active users that we are as well. 
  • So part of what a lot of social media marketers try to achieve is amplification of their content and Empire Avenue in addition to all this, giving you a new way to engage to create brand awareness and a community of very, very active social media users.
  • Maybe your brand has a new campaign, and you want your shareholders to help amplify that campaign to their community, perhaps you have a new blog post that you would like to see more traffic on in hopes that more of these heavier social media active users will actually share that post it cetera, et cetera.

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