What is Employer Branding and Why Is It Important to Marketers?
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 15, 2022
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What is Employer Branding and Why Is It Important to Marketers?

As we market our brands on social media, we might get asked by some of our colleagues if somehow we can promote their job openings on our channels.

With the continued tight labor market, social media actually gives marketers a golden opportunity to implement inbound marketing not just for your own brand, but for your employer brand as well.

Learn all about this concept of employer branding and why it is critical for marketers to understand.

Key Highlights

[02:47] Looking At Employer Branding

[04:46] Four Types of Media

[05:47] The Idea of Employee Advocacy

[07:33] Case Studies

[11:19] My Thoughts On Branding

[13:02] How Much Can Brands Control Their Branding?

[13:28] The Heart of Employer Branding

[16:20] Employer Branding Statistics

[18:36] The Value of Employer Branding

[20:42] How Social Media Can Help in Strengthening Employer Branding

[22:15] Ways to Leverage Employees As Influences for Your Employer Brand

Notable Quotes

  • Every time we engage with a customer, every employee is in essence advocating for us, right? They're a brand ambassador. 
  • A brand is a name, term designed symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's goods or service, as distinct from those of other sellers.
  • The goal with branding is to make sure that perception is the one, you want people to have a view.
  • It's up to you to shape how you want people to feel you always have to be proactive about your branding, to always be sculpting in a way that you want people to consider your brand.
  • At the end of the day, when people share experiences about your product on social media, that is often going to define our perception of your brand.
  • Your company also has a second brand related to its primary brand about how you're viewed as an employer. This is your employer brand and it lives and breathes in the minds and hearts of your former current and future employees.
  • Without an employer brand, and many of you may not even have one, if you've never invested in it, it becomes difficult and costly, to hire and retain the best employees and you need, you need the best employees to advance your company.
  • So the employer brand, which is it really should talk about your reputation as well, is a living and breathing entity that you need to continually invest into both hire and retain.
  • But the same with marketing your product, it's all about how you want to be perceived in the marketplace, and using targeted messages to attract the customers you want.

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