What If I Told You You Already Had Enough Content to be Successful?
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 19, 2020
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What If I Told You You Already Had Enough Content to be Successful?

We are told that, in order to yield more digital influence and be more successful in digital marketing, that we need to create more and more content, and the more content the better.

But is that really the case?

I will tackle this myth using my own real-life experience and instead help you transition off that hamster wheel of content to something that requires a fraction of the resources and will help you become more successful!

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Key Highlights

[01:34] Content As The Currency of Social Media

[04:26] Old Content Still Bring Value

[05:31] The Supply and Demand of Content Medium

[06:27] Longevity of Content

[08:25] Keyword Cannibalization

[09:16] Why You Need to Refresh Your Old Content

[11:04] Do You Really Need Too Much Content?

[12:21] The Power of Backlinks

[14:00] Tools For Determining 404 Website Errors

[14:35] Why You Need to Clean Up 404 Errors

[16:22] Avoid Competing Blog Posts That Compete for the Same Keywords

[20:30] The Importance of Targeting the Right Keywords

[21:48] Do A Regular Audit of Your Content

[22:26] Library of Content

[23:04] My Process of Targeting Customers At Every Stage of Funnel

[32:06] The Hamster Wheel of Content Revision

Notable Quotes

  • But if you think about it, you know, every influencer is a content creator, not every content creator becomes an influencer. But content is sort of the currency of digital and social media.
  • Number one, they're always revising it. And number two, they're realizing they don't need to create new content for it. They are revising old content and republishing it as new content.
  • So the more old content you have, the more you feel compelled to generate backlinks in order to get those content to appear higher in search engine rankings. And therefore the more work right, it once becomes a logistical nightmare.
  • Because the more content you have, the larger the database, the more resources in terms of memory storage that the web host server requires.
  • I want whenever Google indexes my content, I want them to be assured that it's going to stay evergreen, if it's not, it's going to be revised or it's going to be forwarded. But every single piece of content is index worthy, and it is link worthy and what have you.
  • Library of content that will help potential customers not only find you, but educate them on their buying journey so that they end up buying from you and you alone.
  • You need to understand what is your target customer at every stage of the funnel, what type of content might they be searching for on Google, do some keyword analysis and then create the content.

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