What Does a Successful B2B Digital Marketing Program Look Like? [Andrew Smith Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 15, 2021
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What Does a Successful B2B Digital Marketing Program Look Like? [Andrew Smith Interview]

Leapfrogging (pun intended as you will see shortly) off of my previous episode #234 speaking about the virtues of being a marketing generalist, here is a case in point: If you want to become a marketing leader, you need to have all of your digital marketing bases covered.

What bases need to be covered? And what does a comprehensive digital marketing program look like?

I am honored to have my friend and Digital First Mastermind Community Andrew Smith on as my guest today offering us an x-ray view of the digital marketing program that he is running as the Senior Marketing Manager for Leap, the leading all-in-one home improvement contractor sales software.

Leap sells to other businesses so the program being described is a B2B digital marketing program, a treat for you B2B marketers. But even if you are a B2C or nonprofit marketer, the lessons learned from Andrew's experience are 100% applicable to your situation.

Key Highlights

[00:57] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Andrew Smith

[03:55] Andrew's B2B Digital Marketing Background

[04:44] What is Leap And What Does It Do?

[07:27] Where To Begin Digital Marketing Strategy?

[10:14] Deciding on How Much to Invest In Each AR Activities

[13:32] Criteria To Look At When Deciding About Changes In Budget

[15:18] Targets Set For Marketing By The Management

[17:31] Verticals Based On Data

[24:44] Andrew's Advice For Marketers In Marketing Technology

[29:22] Upcoming Leap Features

[32:44] Connect with Andrew

Notable Quotes

  • It's being at least in front of those people and keeping them at least engaged to the degree that they don't tell you to go away that then when they're ready to pull that trigger, you're still front of mind enough that they are aware of you to do that.
  • Being able, to know that what you do is going to produce a certain amount is a good place to be rather than sort of doing something and not knowing what's going to happen.
  • It's more about the quality of that content, rather, the budget to reach those people since we have that covered. So there's really no category that we're not in, but it's creating the content for the vertical that's more important, I think.
  • Start out small, prove a little prove a proof of concept, right? If you're doing you know, advertising or content marketing, or email or any of the channels that you're not currently in that you need some budget for that and try something you know, small or free.
  • The other flip side of being in a company where the culture is very collaborative and productive, so that you know, what you need in marketing, from the product or from sales or from customer success, you have those people in those relationships that are willing to help you achieve what you want to do, as well as for the benefit of the company.

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