Want to Excel at Social Media Marketing? You Need to be an Active Consumer of Social Media First
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 06, 2019
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Want to Excel at Social Media Marketing? You Need to be an Active Consumer of Social Media First

For whatever social media channel you want to become proficient at, STOP listening to this podcast and START becoming a user of the channel! As marketers, we sometimes look for new social networks or content mediums to utilize for marketing, but instead of reading blogs or listening to what advice others give us, becoming actual users and consumers of the content on those platforms or of those mediums is probably the single most important thing you can do at the beginning to get better at them. 

This episode #140 was inspired by my own podcast and the confession that I personally wasn't a consumer of podcasts yet was a podcast creator. While the positive thing is that I might not have been influenced by other podcasters and thus my podcast might be unique, it also means that I failed to grasp the importance of certain things about my podcast or the needs of podcast audiences. 

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Key Highlights

[03:51] Batching And Repurposing Content

[06:28] The Thing About Podcasting

[07:16] Media Consumption Difference With Every Generation

[10:12] Blogs As Part Of SEO

[10:49] Top 3 Areas I Generate Traffic To My Website

[13:10] An Ineffective Way Of Using Social Media

[14:11] Why People Are In Social Media?

[16:55] The Power Of Podcasting That I Realized

[17:51] What Podcasting Gives Me

[19:40] Be Part Of The Network You Want To Monetize

[20:02] How To Go Deep Into A Platform

Notable Quotes

  • Blogs, from my perspective, be part of its brandy. But part of its SEO, right. It's like posting a bad photo on Instagram, and it's going to kill your engagement. Bad blog content is going to kill your relationship with Google as well.
  • You got to be in the platform to know what works, that we repeat that you have to be an active user, you have to want to use the social network and use it on a daily basis and engage in a daily basis and become part of the community if you want it to work for your business.
  • So you got to be part of the network. And once you're part of the network, and you're actually engaging with people, like you care, you don't see them as $1 sign, because you truly want to help them. Because you know, you can help them better than anyone else, you know that by investing in you, and you're investing in them, they're gonna get tremendous ROI.
  • For me, the podcast gives me the opportunity to learn from them to get to know them better to be influenced by those I want to be influenced by. And now I'm getting back to thinking you know, all those people who just interview other people, that's why they're doing it, there's nothing wrong with that they're learning from them. They're using it as a vehicle to develop relationships.
  • If you don't know how to go deep into a platform, you know, I always say social media was made for people, not for businesses. It's not rocket science, spend five minutes a day, spend 10 minutes a day

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