Want Social Media Marketing Success? Be an Active Community Member!

Want Social Media Marketing Success? Be an Active Community Member!

If you're not finding success as a member of any given social network, chances are you simply aren't spending enough time there and becoming a true community member. From Twitter to Pinterest to SlideShare, Neal shares the secrets behind social media success.

 Key Highlights

[01:01] The Approach I Am Taking

[02:18] Why I've Been Getting A Lot of Traffic in Twitter

[04:07] What Devoting Time to Community Means

[06:38] The Beauty of Infographics

[06:51] My Pinterest Experiment

[08:33] Embed Yourself Deeply in the Community Platform

Notable Quotes

  • Of the time I've spent in social media, I'm beginning to realize, as I experienced this across a number of social networks, that those who are most devoted to the community in which they're a member of will become the most successful and social.
  • It's impossible unless you have a staff to be equally active or deeply active on all social networks, you have to pick your poison, as they say.
  • If you think about it, you know the same business people that are on Twitter, on LinkedIn, there's a lot of them that are on Pinterest. And once you understand the way that Pinterest works, and how viral it can be and how many repins there are, you begin to see how it's very easy for things that you post to appear very, very prominently on the news feeds of a lot of people and the news feeds on Pinterest only show a few on mobile, it only shows two at a time on top, on the desktop editions, four or five or so. 
  • What's amazing with the infographic and this is a slightly divergent topic. But once you have an infographic, it can be shared everywhere. And it's about getting brand recognition by putting your name on the bottom.
  • The beauty about infographics is not only do people love to read them and share them, but you get access to one of the most influential crowds in social media, which are content creators.
  • It's all about really deeply embedded in for lack of a better word yourself in the community of that network and truly engaging and sharing liberally, with others and using or I should say, creating a community platform that you can leverage to help others that you respect with as well.

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