Video: The Missing Ingredient in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 12, 2013
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Video: The Missing Ingredient in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Are you overlooking the potential power of video to help promote your brand? Read on about why Neal Schaffer chose to create a book trailer for Maximize Your Social - and why you should invest in video, too.

Key Highlights

[01:17] Reminder: Video Is Important!

[03:06] What Video Is About

[03:43] Other Types of Embeddable Content

[04:19] Why Video Is Important

[05:55] Content Should Be Entertaining, Resourceful, and Shareable

[06:04] My Advice For You

[07:00] An Example of A Successful Video

[08:51] Contact An Expert

[09:38] Go Big or Go Home

Notable Quotes

  • You know, it's funny, in social media, we always look at the shiny new thing, you know, Facebook, or Pinterest, or Instagram, these are all actually very old by now. But it's funny that we look at those platforms. And we always will, we tend to forget about blogs, but not that much. But we often forget about video. 
  • Video requires a lot of resource if you really want to do it right. And you should do it right. 
  • There is no other medium that allows you to connect with your potential audience and video. I mean, it's you It's love. It's as close to seeing you or something in person. It has this effect and we've all grown up watching movies and TV and maybe that's part of it. 
  • It is the most powerful medium, you can create a very, very deep bond. 
  • But I think it comes down to your social media strategy, your objective, and as part of your social media strategy, you're gonna have the little content piece, what's going to be the content, right? Content in a social media strategy is always resourceful and shareable.
  •  But I think that there are entertaining ways of showing educational content. nd for me go you know, the process of working with a professional video company of actually going through the story, you know, the storyboard, what type of animation are we going to have?
  • It's been a great experience, video is an art. If you think you can do it yourself, you're really missing out on a lot of potential. And if you're gonna invest the money and do it.
  • If you're only going to do a few videos a year versus doing a blog post once a month, or once a week. Make a count, make those videos count. You don't need to video blog as much as you normally blog or do as many videos as blog posts. 
  • But like I said when you do them I really think you want to do them right and I think that you have the ability to get a lot more amplification of your content than a blog post for a wide variety of reasons.

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