Using Simply Measured to Drive Social Media ROI with Measuring and Planning
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 30, 2015
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Using Simply Measured to Drive Social Media ROI with Measuring and Planning

Neal discusses an amazing tool that is used by serious social media marketers everywhere, Simply Measured. He’s talking to Ron Schott, the Director of the Professional Services Team at Simply Measured. This tool helps big brands and small companies alike reap the benefits of social media by understanding their analytics and planning future social media campaigns based on the measuring and reporting that Simply Measured provides. The tool also has the ability to track competitors and market sectors, plus so much more. These are the kinds of tools Neal is excited to introduce you to and conversations they’ll be having at the Social Tools Summit in just a few weeks.

Key Highlights

[01:23] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Ron Schott

[01:59] Who is Ron?

[03:10] What is Simply Measured?

[04:12] How Simply Measured Handles Data

[05:03] Competitive Data from Simply Measured

[0:41] Other Outside Data Simply Measured Brings in for Customized Reporting

[06:13] Case Studies

[07:50] The Latest Social Networks Simply Measured

[09:00] Simply Measured's Ability to Measure Facebook Presence Globally

[09:48] Paid Social Market

[11:08] The Best Way to Get Started with Simply Measured

[12:24] Connet with Ron

Notable Quotes

  • We're kind of edging out in those cases where people are looking more business solutions are looking more business goals, rather than specifically social goals. And so for us to tie those things back to, you know, end action, basket size, things like that, that's ultimately where we want to be getting to.
  • But I can say we have, we have a number of our larger publishing clients, many that you probably visit every day, that are using our tools to then figure out you know, not only what type of stories are driving the most online interactions, and pageviews, and things like that, but what type of social content is better driving people to those stories?
  • When you integrate that with conversion funnels, and what have you, you have complete visibility, right. And you know, what you need to do more of, and I think that's sort of the holy grail that companies tried to get out through piecing together, you know, different tools, and it takes a lot of time and it you know, I don't think they're able to see that complete picture like that you could do is simply measured.
  • The most important takeaway is that simply measure continues to lead the field and continues to expand on what they do to provide more value to their customers, but thinking about not only using data for measuring and for ROI, or what have you, but feeding that back into the planning process. 

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