Understanding the Compelling Power of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Understanding the Compelling Power of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

My firsthand experience of blogging on LinkedIn - and why and how you can leverage the power of the LinkedIn publishing platform.

Key Highlights

[01:41] How Are We Going to Use LinkedIn Platform

[02:04] LinkedIn's Special Audience

[03:33] Give Your LinkedIn Publishing Post Some TLC

[06:02] LinkedIn Send You Lots of Traffic

[06:31] Treat Your LinkedIn Homepage As Your Website

[07:37] LinkedIn is About Quality

[07:58] How to Get Access to LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Notable Quotes

  • I'm sure you all are as well, even though it's not always possible, of really sending the right message to the right audience. And LinkedIn really is a special audience.
  • I realized that, you know, the LinkedIn publishing platform is not worthy of a status update. It is worthy of something deeper. 
  • So it's my belief that if you give your LinkedIn publishing posts, a little bit of TLC, and this goes beyond just you know, publishing content, whether it's unique content, or duplicate content, of giving it a little bit of TLC, and really reserving what you publish on LinkedIn to that platform, and you're not just trying to lead people elsewhere.
  • But I believe that if you do that, and if your audience is receptive, well, the LinkedIn audience is receptive to what you write, and they send social signals where they like it and they share it, and they comment on it. I do believe that you're going to get some pretty wide exposure for your post case in point. 
  • LinkedIn is its own ecosystem, its own ecosystem that can drive a lot of traffic. It's not going to your blog or your website, it's going to your LinkedIn profile, it's going to your content. But I will tell you, I always say, treat your homepage on LinkedIn as if it was your website. It's almost like your second website for personal branding for professionals that don't have their own website, it is their website.
  • And therefore, if you don't have a website, it's going to be even easier for you to use LinkedIn as your blogging platform. But that is how powerful it is.
  • So if you're thinking about just diddling with the LinkedIn blogging platform, and just posting links there and republishing your old content there, I really think you should think twice, and really give the LinkedIn platform, some tender loving care, really craft each post for that audience.
  • You know, LinkedIn is not a matter of quantity, it's amount of quality.

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