The Uniquely Engaging Pinterest Community Boards

The Uniquely Engaging Pinterest Community Boards

Pinterest Community Boards have a unique role in the world of social media. Find out why you should be leveraging them as part of your social media strategy.

Key Highlights

[01:26] Great Way of Sharing Passion

[02:05] community Board in Pinterest

[02:20] How Pinterest Works

[04:24] My AHA Moment

[04:47] Pinning Together

[05:35] The Advantage of Opening My Boards to Others

[06:27] How to Audit Your Boards

[07:57] The Interesting Thing About Community Boards

Notable Quotes

  • What a great way to bring the world together, just like social media is. Think about it social is about people and engaging with people and the social signals that you send to people. And when you share someone else's content, it is an amazing thing you are putting your brand on the line to share with someone else.
  • These are things were creating a community board, if you're a brand that already has an established user base that's engaging with you on Pinterest is really at this point, I think a no brainer.
  • So instead of me carrying the burden of you know, whenever I see things, I will organically pin them. Why not enlist their help as well. And when I enlist their help, that means I allow them to pin to the board I invite them to pin The board.
  • And the benefits of me are it allows them to scale in that when they pin it to their followers, it's going to be seen, but my board is going to be seen by their followers, right. 
  • So that's really the interesting thing of the community boards. It really allows you to scale. It also allows you to support others I created maximize social business as a platform to support our bloggers that everyone benefits from. And really the Pinterest community board is the next best thing to it. 
  • But if you just go back and listen to the last five minutes of me describing Pinterest community boards, you begin to feel that they are something that is very, very special in the world of social media, a special way of extending your reach for your content, a special way of creating and extending relationships within Pinterest.

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