The Single Question to Help Guide Your Social Media Marketing
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 23, 2014
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The Single Question to Help Guide Your Social Media Marketing

If you're looking to better leverage social media for marketing, this is the one question that you need to answer to help guide you towards implementing the right social media strategy.

Key Highlights

[01:18] The One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself About Your Business

[03:43] My Laser-Focused Approach

[04:30] Where Do You Get Your Leads?

[04:47] Businesses Through Referrals

[05:26} What Can You Do In Social Media to Help our Relationships

[06:39] Where's Your Market?

Notable Quotes

  • As I always say, social media, complements everything and replaces nothing. 
  • A lot of us tend not to because we start a process and strategy and we get going, and we sort of get lost in it over time.
  • And this is obviously where social media can help you to scale and help you develop relationships nationwide, whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • And the answer that really comes down to well, what is the objective who are your customer? And I think a lot of people, a lot of businesses still aren't very clear about that when they think about social media. So you have a lot of consumer facing companies, but you also have b2b aspects of your company.
  • So it's easy to focus on the consumer facing side. But it's often the business facing side, that is actually giving you your sales. And it's really trying to map out both and understanding that, you know, I was talking to a manufacturer of chocolate chip cookies last week.
  • And as long as you understand that, and you can answer those questions and understand that it's going to take a very, very different approach, you know, potentially different networks, obviously, different tactics and different objectives for your b2b and b2c side and learn how to shuffle your budget your resources for each one, and to be able to calculate your ROI, I think you're gonna do really, really well.
  • It probably makes sense to invest more of his effort on the b2b side, in terms of social media and using that to help foster and develop those relationships.

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