The Role of Stories and Human Interaction in Sharing Your Expertise
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 30, 2015
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The Role of Stories and Human Interaction in Sharing Your Expertise

You’ve heard about Neal Schaffer’s Social Tools Summit that he’s launching this May in Boston, but maybe you haven’t heard why he’s creating this event. Aiming to educate organizations about the social tools that are available, the goal of this event is to close the gap between customer understanding and company potential. By bringing vendors, CEOs, and potential clients into the same room, everyone can gain insight into the value of these tools and how to leverage them. In this episode, delve into the importance of in-person interaction, sharing stories, and showcasing your subject matter expertise.

Key Highlights

[01:50] Why I Am Doing Social Media Conferences

[03:14] Real-time Interaction Between People Is Better

[05:07] The Other Side of Content Marketing That I Was Doing As A Salesperson

[06:38] Get Your Stories Out

[07:04] The Gap I Found

[09:44] Scaling Through Tools

[11:53] A Greater Truth

Notable Quotes

  • And just like, you're not going to learn everything from reading one book, you're if you read books, you read a lot of books, and maybe multiple books on the same subject. I think it's the same with social media conferences, there's room for everybody should have their own unique take on what type of events it should be, who you want to target, and what type of experience you want to provide or what have you. So events are something that I've always wanted to do.
  • And you know, I've always thought that social was about the human touch. And it still is today, right? And we talked about the humanizing and HGH and, and all these different concepts, but at the end of the day, it comes down to people. So the summit really came about because I wanted to utilize my experience and figure out how do I add value to the industry.
  • I'm passionate about the education as you all know, it's all about making my clients, making my readers, my listeners you more self sufficient in your own practice, in social media, whether it be for marketing, or sales, or PR, customer support, whatever it might be.
  • I tell you, great salespeople are also great storytellers. And if they're not great storytellers, usually in order to move a deal forward, they bring in people internally who are great storytellers.
  • But I realized there was a gap between what the customer understood about our company, and tools and what they can do. And what we knew we could do in marketing, the marketing message, and what have you, it was not bridging that gap. Only when the customers started to use our product, would they get it but even if they used our product in a different way, they wouldn't see the other potential benefits. 
  • Because with social media, you have the ability to promote anything. Without social media, promoting the social tools summit would have been really, really hard, I would have had to rely on traditional media, it would have required money, it would have required a paid effort in order to scale with social not necessarily, although the paid helps accelerate things.

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