The Marketing Agency Perspective on Social Media Marketing
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 21, 2013
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The Marketing Agency Perspective on Social Media Marketing

While in Toronto speaking, Neal interviews @ValTorontoGal from Charming Media and @MegButton from Star Content Studios for advice that a Public Relations as well as Content Marketing Agency can offer your business.

Key Highlights

[01:15] Introduction of Podcast Guests

[02:48] How Social Media Can Help Companies

[04:25] Meg and Val's Worst Experiences

[08:27] Tips that Help Meg and Val Achieve Greatness in Social Media

[10:37] The Value of Working with Content and PR Agencies

Notable Quotes

  • I generally like to say, well, for us, because you're doing such a big traditional media awareness campaign, it's very good to support it with any type of social media support, especially if you're working with, you know, online publications, bloggers, they're gonna be mentioning your brand online, they're going to be talking to online. 
  • It is a natural complement. And it's almost a shame to be focusing all your attention in one area and not on that area as well.
  • And the biggest thing that I would tell them is, you know, it's it's very easy to get excited and overwhelmed and all those good things, but it's always about your audience. And to me, that's where it always has to start, whether you're talking about social media or any type of media, it you know, it's it's overwhelming, but it's also exciting.
  • So to me, that's, that's the biggest thing that I'm seeing is that they're everyone's looking for a quick, short route to get to kind of the holy grail of having an engaging brand. And you don't realize that there's a lot of work that goes into it.
  • I think it's, it's really it's people are very used to seeing like, a direct and really fast ROI. And that's social media can happen. It can be really fast and explode.
  • I think it helps to really find good brand ambassadors to help you push out your content. It's one thing if you're, you know, tweeting about what you like from your brand and Facebooking about it. But if you have good genuine brand ambassadors, I think that's a great way to really enhance everything that you're doing.
  • But often the proof really just sets the record straight. And I find that sometimes if you're not getting a lot of traction, go to the statistics look and find proof for what you're saying and validate your points. And that really was very successful for a last campaign that we did with one of our clients.

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