The Many Ways to Become an Influencer Today [John Lee Dumas Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJune 25, 2020
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The Many Ways to Become an Influencer Today [John Lee Dumas Interview]

John Lee Dumas is one of the most influential rockstar entrepreneurs out there, and it was an honor to interview him for my podcast. You will learn a lot in this episode on John's story as to how he became an influencer through podcasting but also his recommendation for you if he were to do it all over today.

Key Highlights

[02:32] Introduction of Podcast Guest, John Lee Dumas

[05:49] Why John Started Podcast

[08:11] Should You Podcast If You Want To Build Influence?

[13:27] The Demand Aspect of Podcasting

[14:22] The Steps John Took To Become Successful

[15:10] Creating Solutions For Your Audience's Struggles

[17:33] How To Get Started on Podcasting

[18:27] Connect With John

Notable Quotes

  • I was podcasting four days per month, and doing just a weekly show, which everybody else was doing, it would have taken me forever, if ever to get good, but I was doing it every single day I put in the reps. And I did 2000 episodes in 2000 days, like I bought the work. And you know, it slowly caught on, I stayed consistent. I stayed true to my vision.
  • It is absolutely not too late to start your podcast to build your platform. Because podcasting to me is this, it will always hold a special place in people's days in lives.
  • One of my other favorite things about podcasting, too, is I like to say, podcasts are powerful, because they're free, they're on demand, and they're targeted.
  • I had no products, no services, nothing to offer. When I started. All I said was you know what, I'm going to deliver free, valuable and consistent content. And there's nothing more valuable or free or consistent than a daily podcast that's just as consistent as you can be.
  • Podcast is a great way to build up organic free traffic that knows likes and trusts you this then you know, potentially going to consume your product or your service or invest in that. But if you don't already have a product or a service, do not create one before you start a podcast because you don't know what the heck you're going to create.
  • If you want to get started on podcasting, or just on building your overall brand, you do need to choose a platform like you need to choose a platform where you're going to be sharing free, valuable and consistent content, because that's how you're going to build that audience that knows likes and trust you that you can then ask them what their struggle is, and then create that solution for them.

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