The Hidden Power of Email Marketing to Scale Your Digital Influence

The Hidden Power of Email Marketing to Scale Your Digital Influence

1 of the 6 pillars of digital marketing is email marketing, but it's often the one easy to forget as most talk about more trendy topics such as social media marketing, content marketing, or influence marketing (I'm partly to blame!). Based off of webinars I provided for both the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland as well as the email marketing software company GetResponse, learn all you wanted to know to get you inspired to do more with email marketing and lead magnets.

Key Highlights

[03:54] The 6 Things You Can Do In Digital Marketing

[07:36] The Value of Email Marketing

[09:36] How To get Repeated Touches

[11:05] Active Email Account Statistics

[12:18] Email Marketing ROI

[15:12] How To Grow Email List?

[16:47] Essential Components of A Lead Magnet

[17:35] Mistake Brand Do In Email Marketing

[19:29] Other Ideas For Lead Magnets

[23:10] Different Approaches To Grow Your Email List

Notable Quotes

  • The value of email marketing today, it is borrowed land, we don't own it. And at the end of the day, we want people on our island, our websites. That's where the magic happens. That's where we communicate with people the way we want, any way we want with our branding. And that's where we literally sell.
  • Email provides the best way to repeatedly touch, it also helps you control the research phase of the buying process. if you are sending them emails on a regular basis that they're engaging with, you are influencing their purchasing decision through those emails.
  • We have lots of people on social media, we want to get them to our website when they come to our website, we want to continue that relationship when they leave the website. And the only way to do that it's going to be through email. That's why I have this concept of a weekly newsletter, but also knowing dependent on how people opted in how much they like know and trust me, I keep that monthly option for those that might not know me as deeply as those like leads that I might get from partners versus leads die directly again, if that makes sense. 
  •  In fact, email marketing may be the cheapest, most effective way to scale your Digital Influence when you think of it that way.

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