The Evolution of Social Media Dashboards: What You Need to Know
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 25, 2013
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The Evolution of Social Media Dashboards: What You Need to Know

An interview with Tammy Kahn Fennell, founder and CEO of MarketMeSuite, on the evolution of social media dashboards and social productivity.

Key Highlights

[00:45] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Tammy Kahn Fennell

[02:01] The Evolution of Social Media Dashboards and How Businesses Should Be Using Them

[05:24] The Challenge

[06:30] Where MarketMeSuite Is Trying to Excel

[09:19] Social Media Productivity and Efficiency

[11:04] Tying Social Media Data for Business Efficiency

[13:09] Three Ways Businesses Should Be Making More Use of Social Media Dashboard

Notable Quotes

  • So I think from a business perspective, businesses are being forced, by just the way social media is evolving to get a little more integrated, and really get organized so that once you organize, you can then prioritize them. 
  • Once you prioritize, you can actually gauge but missing those first two steps, could mean that you're just you know, you're approaching it from all different angles. And you could burn out on that and not actually get the true value out of using something.
  • Where we found our sweet spot at market me sweet is that we don't want or need our companies to, or small businesses are professionals or solo entrepreneurs or bloggers, we're not expecting them to ever grow up and be Coca Cola, we want them to continue to be the best, you know, business that they are the best, the best social engager that they are. And we tried to build a tool that is very, that fits their unique needs.
  • But the data that the message is in the prioritization, that that's there when you can figure out the most important conversations, it's incredibly actionable.
  • I think that the other thing about being a tech startup in this particular lead digital world is that you have to understand that you need to play nicely with other tools and be very understanding of the fact that people do have unique workflows, and that people are going to do it in the way that makes sense for them.
  • But I think that it's it's a very, it's a very good approach for a startup to have to say, you know, we are a, we are a very important piece of this puzzle. But we know that we fit in with the greater the greater mosaic.
  • It's called follow up. And you know, that's that's what we do now in the in the social and the digital world is and a lot of people forget it. So if you've engaged with somebody, why not flag them? Why not mark them as a lead? Why not figure that out? By the way, you can do all these things in marketing suite so that you can just remember to interact with them. 

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