The Evolution of Social Media Dashboards

The Evolution of Social Media Dashboards

Join me as I share my own usage of and reviews of popular social media dashboards while also recommending some new ones for you to explore.

Key Highlights

[01:13] What the Evolution of Social Media Dashboards means

[02:42] Twitter Social Media Dashboard

[03:15] Another Thing I Realized About TweetDeck

[03:40] Moving to Hootsuite

[04:03] The Problem I Am Having with Hootsuite

[04:41] Exploring Social Sprout

[05:30] Sprout Social's Timesaver Functionality

[06:52] Viral Heat

[07:01] CW Dashboard


[07:50] Sendible

[07:58] Other Tools You Can Check Out

Notable Quotes

  • And therefore, it's really important not only to find the one that you feel most comfortable with, both in terms of functionality as well as user interface, but also over time, the way that your company or you use social media, the way that social media evolves.
  • And the evolution of social media dashboards means that I believe just as you should be auditing your social media on a regular basis, it almost makes sense every few months or so to take a step back. And look what else is out there.
  • I say, you know, if I'm going to be using a dashboard like this, the data has to be accurate. 
  • And as I mentioned that once you become more and more active in social your social stream and in terms of app mentions or direct messages, it becomes an inbox right?
  • If you haven't tried TweetDeck, Hootsuite Sprout Social marketing suite, you owe yourself a bare minimum of checking them out during the free trials and seeing what you may be missing out on. 

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