The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

Neal announces his new free ebook, created together with the employee advocacy platform PeopleLinx, on how to create, manage, and measure an employee advocacy program regardless of the size of your business.

Key Highlights

[00:49] My Newest Ebook Resource

[02:03] Where Marketing Begins

[02:43] Employee Statistics

[03:42] Interesting Note About Overlap

[04:35] Where the Ebook Starts

[05:40] Defining Your Employee Advocacy Strategy

[06:35] Measuring Employee Advocacy Strategy Success

[07:43] How to Gain Access to the Ebook

Notable Quotes

  • The idea is that companies often look outside the company walls for influencers, or fans, or people that they can try to influence to talk about them in social media, while some of their biggest fans are working for them inside their company. So the idea of employee advocacy is how do we yield? 
  • And, you know, it's really no surprise, you know, most strategies in social focus on the brand entity, and overlook the power and the influence of the employee use of social networks.
  • You can imagine that as a huge word-of-mouth marketing opportunity. And the more employees you have, and the larger their social graph, the bigger the opportunity it is for your company.
  • But the interesting note about overlap is that there have been different studies that have found that overlap between employees, networks and networks that follow brands have very, very little overlap.
  • I think the book is going to be interesting to you, as far as you understanding how you should be requesting your own internal departments to create content for you to share, to help you yield your own thought leadership and to keep in touch with people in your industry.
  • There's also a very, very important section on sourcing content for employees to share. And this is where I think a lot of companies break down because marketers want to get those calls to action out there. But employees are like, you want me to post this blatantly self promotional tweet, on my profile? 
  •  And this is where there is a lot of, you know, misunderstandings that happen, or a lot of failures, or only a very, very small percentage of the people that have signed on to be part of the program, actually go out and post a tweet, or a LinkedIn update, or what have you regarding it.
  • he employee advocacy without a doubt is one of those trends. And I think that if you are a social media marketer, this is an ebook, regardless of your experience with employee advocacy, I think that this ebook holds value for you. And it's absolutely free. 

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