The Conversion Code: Real Step-by-Step Advice for Sales-Focused Marketing [Chris Smith Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 20, 2023
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The Conversion Code: Real Step-by-Step Advice for Sales-Focused Marketing [Chris Smith Interview]

In this episode of the Your Digital Marketing Coach podcast, I interview Chris Smith, author of The Conversion Code, about implementing a sales-focused marketing strategy.

We discuss the science behind the convergence of sales and marketing and provide real step-by-step advice for success.

Chris emphasizes the importance of having a well-organized website and landing pages, lead follow-up, and inside sales.

He also stresses the significance of technology in scaling marketing strategies and encourages executives to support their employees in conducting experiments and taking risks.

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*Chris Smith's Background [00:04:30]*
Chris Smith talks about his background in sales and marketing, starting in the boiler room doing phone sales for telemarketing companies.

*The Early Days of Social Media [00:08:38]*
Chris Smith talks about how he became influential in the real estate industry through social media and how the Wall Street Journal offered him $5000 a month to advertise on his blog.

*The Importance of Listening in Content Marketing [00:09:37]*
I discuss with Chris Smith the importance of listening more than speaking in content marketing and he shares a story about how asking questions can lead to success.

*The Importance of Digital Marketing Fundamentals [00:16:25]*
Chris Smith and I discuss the importance of having digital marketing fundamentals in place before implementing more advanced strategies, and how many companies still struggle with the basics.

*The Importance of Website and Sales Process [00:16:44]*
Chris Smith emphasizes the importance of having a clean website and a well-structured sales process before investing in marketing.

*The Science of Marketing and Sales [00:18:03]*
Chris Smith talks about his personal approach to marketing and sales, which involves experimenting and testing different strategies to see what works.

*Challenges of Large Companies [00:23:33]*
Chris Smith and I discuss the challenges that large companies face when it comes to implementing new marketing and sales strategies, and the importance of having a supportive executive team.

*Lead Follow Up [00:25:06]*
Chris Smith discusses the importance of lead follow up and shares tips on how to improve lead conversion rates, including speed to lead and personalization.

*Inside Sales [00:29:58]*
Chris Smith defines inside sales as a call center that focuses on outbound calling to inbound leads and shares how it differs from outside sales. He also emphasizes the importance of scripts, questions, and tone in inside sales.

*Importance of Lead Conversion [00:29:33]*
Chris Smith shares a quick stat that 95% o

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