The Amazing Similarities Between Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 29, 2013
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The Amazing Similarities Between Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Engagement, relevance and relationships are as important in social media marketing as they are in email marketing.

Key Highlights

[00:41] My AHA Moments on Best Practices with Email Marketing

[02:18] Email Providers Getting Better at Filtering Spam

[02:48] What Gmail Has Done Recently

[03:35] What Happens When You Send A Lot of Emails

[04:06] More Engagement, Better Relationships

[05:01] Make People Stay Longer in Your Site

[05:30] Best Practice in Email Marketing

[05:58] Create Engaging and Relevant Content

[08:09] Broad Terms that People Overuse or Overgeneralize

Notable Quotes

  • But it was interesting, because what's happening in the world of email marketing, is that the old days of just blasting a message out and it getting into the inboxes of people are obviously gone.
  • But really what happens is every list that is out there has a reputation that is attached to it, brands have reputations. We have social media reputations, right? Well, lists are the same.
  •  The providers are trying to deliver good service to their customers trying to keep the spam out.
  • And they're trying to make you realize that your list has a reputation attached to it. And the higher that reputation is, in other words, the more relevant that content is to your audience that you send out to, the fewer notices of spam you get, the more clicks you get within your emails. 
  • So the more engagement you have within those emails, the better relationships you have, you know, it's about engagement, relevance, and relationships, right? The more deliverable those emails are going to come. 
  • In other words, from a search engine perspective, you would rather introduce content that is more engaging, more relevant, and therefore, people are staying on your page longer.
  • It really comes down to that same notion of engagement. Is your content engaging or people engaging with it? Whether it's a share a link that's clicked or even a comment? And is it relevant? are they sticking around, you know, checking out your site for other pages?
  • But the more engaging your content is, the more people show to right, it's really as simple as that. So you need to create content that's relevant. And that's something that people engage with. And you need to ask people to engage with it sometimes. 
  •  But at the end of the day, for these social networking sites to survive, because one of the primary forms of revenue that they get or generate is from advertising, they need to make sure that your content is engaging, or they're only showing engaging content.
  • It comes down to creating engaging content and engaging with others. And from that, creating relationships, obviously, the deeper relationships you have with your readers, with your followers, the more engagement you're going to get right. 
  • So engagement, relationships, relevance, these are really broad terms that sometimes people overuse or overgeneralize. But really, we're starting to see that this is affecting our email marketing, or SEO, and definitely, especially on Facebook, or social media marketing. 

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