Social Media for IT (Information Technology) Professionals? You Bet!
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 07, 2013
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Social Media for IT (Information Technology) Professionals? You Bet!

A look into how information technology and project managers can proactively use social media and add value in a social business world.

Key Highlights

[01:3] IT Professionals' Roles in Social Business Strategy

[02:47] 4 Areas Where Information Technology Professionals Can Add Value In A Social Business World

[02:58] Managing the Growing Volume and Complexity of Content

[04:28] The Advantages of Having A Blog

[05:36] Leading on Google Authorship and Google Plus

[09:15] Role in Employee Advocacy

[12:28] Managing Social Big Data

Notable Quotes

  • Also, I made a point to tell everybody, because it obviously there's a lot of people who knew about the tools that you know, there's a traditional sort of definition of social business or the social enterprise that emphasizes the tools.
  • So, you know, the other important thing is that people are contacting companies, after they've already made a decision whether or not that whether or not they want to do business with them based on information that they found on the internet, and a lot more of that data is coming from social media.
  • Google Authorship is not hard to do. But are companies ready to attach an author to each piece of content. I said, obviously, the SEO benefits are critical.
  • And at the minimum, you're basically directing Google to let them know what content what websites where all your digital properties are, and allow them to understand your social layer, so that they could give your potential website visitors more relevant search results, right?
  • But obviously, your employees as brand advocates for your company, are probably your biggest untapped trusted resource.
  • And this is just a classic quote that I love from Nathan Egan, who's the founder and CEO of one of these employee advocacy platforms called people links that quote, your company has 1000s of websites, not just one, employees are the long tail of your brand identity and quote, Isn't that brilliant?
  • But I think that companies will wake up. And as companies wake up, they need to have platforms, they need to have people to create content, to share content. And IT professionals or project managers, wherever people may be in that department.
  • Social Big Data is here. Some companies are leveraging it, more and more companies will be leveraging it, get ahead of the game, be prepared, so that when people ask, you're already ready. 

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