Social Media Engagement from a London Pub

Social Media Engagement from a London Pub

Join Neal in a candid conversation over a pint from London as he introduces three of his social media friends who help provide fresh (but sometimes "old school") insight into leveraging social media for your business.

 Key Highlights

[01:00] What I did in Japan

[02:40] Introducing Alex

[03:15] How Alex Started With Social Media

[04:10] How Social Media Affected Alex's Personal and Professional Life

[05:05] Introducing Liz

[05:43] How Liz Started With Social Media

[11:58] Introducing Conrad

[14:42] Conrad's Tips on Improving Writing

[15:40] Get Your Branding Right

[17:16] Connect with Conrad

[17:43] Social Media Is Real

[18:55] Social Media Is About People

Notable Quotes

  • And I think it's important that as businesses, that we use social media and we forget that we're engaging with actual people.
  • And when we make a person, a person, a human human connection, the most amazing things the most amazing ales that you would never imagine drinking if you thought they were laggers. The stories the education that connections you make are amazing. 
  • If you have a message, just believe that if you put yourself out there, especially using social media is such a powerful medium, just do it, don't be afraid, and connect offensively with people, because people will really give back to you in a way that you cannot even imagine.
  • I think first of all, one of the most important thing is is branding and you know, copy is part of branding and getting the right tone of voice is very, very important.
  • And if you want to position yourself, as you know, unique someone, a unique business in the industry, the tone of voice is part of that. And, and part of branding is consistency. 
  • And when you treat people individually, and you gauge with them individually, you build a deeper relationship and that deeper relationship, assuming that they are a fan of your company, can have obviously significant positive impact over time.

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