SEO & Social Media: Your One-Two Punch [Stephan Spencer Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 17, 2021
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SEO & Social Media: Your One-Two Punch [Stephan Spencer Interview]

If you want to learn how to apply the concepts of SEO to social media, you are in for a treat. Today's guest is one of the most recognized SEO experts, Stephan Spencer who is co-author of The Art of SEO, co-author of Social eCommerce, and author of Google Power Search, all published by O’Reilly.

In this episode we talk about something that you might not have considered before: The SEO value of your social media. Specifically we discussed:

  • SEO applied to your YouTube channel and videos
  • Getting SEO value from social media posts
  • Content marketing strategies: coming up with hooks, getting links not just social shares, etc.

This is a longer than average episode as I got a TON of value from this interview - I am confident that you will as well!

Key Highlights

[2:13] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Stephan Spencer

[4:43] Who is Stephan?

[8:03] The Value You Can Get from SEO

[11:09] Stephan's Advice on Getting Started at YouTube for SEO

[16:13] The Best Tactic in Embedding YouTube Videos in Your Blog

[18:44] Ninja Technique

[22:58] SEO Advice to Apply to Your YouTube Channel and Videos

[25:19] Should I Use Tags on YouTube?

[28:44] Keyword Research for YouTube

[34:35] Stephan's Advice on Getting SEO Punch from Social Media

[39:23] Content Diamond

[43:05] Should I Create Content from My Podcast Episode?

[46:04] Stephan's Advice to Content Creators

[52:28] Importance of Scaling Yout Content Team

[53:19] Connect with Stephan

Notable Quotes

  • It's very important that your videos on YouTube start out strong and a lot of the YouTubers teach this.
  • The first thing that people look at, and that kind of the big decision point for them is what the thumbnail looks like, and not the title of the video.
  • Don't go with your gut, always do the research and see if your gut is right or not, that's the right way to do it. And having some tools that give you YouTube-specific data is just invaluable.
  • Everything that you create should have a hook to it. Having that hook is invaluable.
  • Look what other people are doing. And like I said, you're not emulating them it's purely for inspiration but the magic is in making it your own and owning it and applying it to your brand your content so that it works.
  • If you're still doing all those small things, you're not going to scale. So you need to scale your brand, you need to scale your content team. And now's a great time to do it.

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