Reintroducing Agora Pulse: The Social Engagement Dashboard for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 07, 2015
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Reintroducing Agora Pulse: The Social Engagement Dashboard for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

At the Social Media Marketing World event in San Diego last week, Neal Schaffer met all kinds of great people, one of them being Emeric Ernoult. Emeric is the CEO and Co-Founder of Agora Pulse, an engagement dashboard tool for Facebook and Twitter. Agora Pulse allows you to track the most important fans and interactions on social, gathering data unlike any other tool. Luckily, Emeric is going to be joining the Social Tools Summit in Boston in May. Listen to learn more about this great tool, what inspired its creation, and other tools that Emeric loves.

Key Highlights

[01:22] Introduction to Podcast Guest, Emeric Ernoult

[02:40] Business Value of Agorapulse

[08:51] How to Get Started With Agorapulse

[09:31] Agorapulse Functionalities

[10:42] Why You Should Use Agorapulse

[13:03] Historical Tweet Feature

[14:57] Other Agorapulse Facebook Features

[17:10] Agorapulse Plans

[18:34] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • Basically save time by engaging with the people who are really, really matter for your business. And were the most important people for your business. That was the way so like, focus on the most important people. And that's my big vision. That's my thing. 
  • And at the end of the day, when I look at what I've created with Social, I'm left with nothing. I've just created the feeling that I had to be there and I did my job. That's it. And and we thought this is a big problem, because it shouldn't feel that way. It should feel like I've done something useful for my business, I've done something that is an asset that is a value.
  • And that's the key with the right people to make sure that when those right people get to consider what you're doing or when those right people are your client and have to consider buying something else or you know, another tool that they have those relationships in mind and to think twice, before leaving.
  • We make sure you know what you're building in terms of quality relationship with the right people, things simple we're at 90% they're building the quality and identifying the right people you've you're building relationships with, I'd say we're 65% there and we have a lot still love to build.
  • And at the end of the day, we can rank your user we can score your user and user scoring is really one thing we're working on very hard and doing a lot of r&d. And that's where the identifying the most important user for your business will come into the picture.
  • I love all my competitors. That's number one. And I invite embrace them. And I invite them to come and have a beer with me and chat about our metrics and how we're doing and how they're doing and exchange advice and tips and share experiences. And yeah, there is some some kind of an overlap.
  • But you know, their key strength is really on content discovery, and we're absolutely not doing this. And we'll never do that. Yes, yes. And our keys transform the engagement and the reporting and all that stuff. And they'll never do that either. So it's kind of there, where they're good at, we're not good at and vice versa. 

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